Any good builds for a Dark Magician deck?

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User Info: PsychicKid

8 years ago#1
I'm wanting to try and build a RL Dark Magician Deck, but I'm having a hard time trying to decide on what cards to use. I don't really want to focus on Dark Paladin or any of the other subsets of Dark Magician, just Dark Magician himself and a Dark Magician Girl or two. I'm just having such a hard time trying to build a deck, especially since I've been out of the loop for about 5 years. Notable cards I am considering consist of (note this isn't a deck list, just cards I have floating around my head as possible candidates to use):

Skilled Dark Magician
Magician's Valkyira
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Summoner Monk
Some random tuner monster or two (since I own a Goyo Guardian)
Morphing Jar
Old Vindictive Magician
Chaos Sorcerer
Silent Magician LV 4 and 8

Dark Magic Curtain
Thousand Knives
Dark Magic Attack
Magical Dimension
Diffusion Wave Motion

Mirror Force
Solemn Judgment (only own 1, too expensive right now to get more)
Magician's Circle

I don't own all of the cards listed above (but most of them), but I do have some money to spend to get them. I'd likely test the deck on YVD before making any big purchases on iffy cards. But I really don't know what all is good anymore due to my 5 year hiatus, or what all new support there is for Dark Magician. Anyone got any serious advice for me? Thanks.

User Info: Nebula_Leader01

8 years ago#2
You're better off on a counter deck or just spellcaster deck than Dark Magician. I recently tried the DM theme and found it to be quite lame.
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User Info: hotdiabling

8 years ago#3
If you can get the right cards, DM decks can be pretty cool. But if I were you, I wouldn't use Dark Magic Curtain without Spell Economics. Also, you can just make a Magician of Black Chaos deck with 3x Dark Magician for easy summoning with Dedication Through Light and Darkness if you wanna see my build just ask.

User Info: kingnephthys

8 years ago#4
You can go Dark Paladin with EHero Prisma. You can use prisma to dump a DM into the grave to birthright or swing of memories later and since prisma gets DM name you can use the spell cards to go with it like Dark Magic Attack. Stuff like that mixed with some other spellcaster/fusion/staple support will be ok.
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User Info: kingnephthys

8 years ago#5
Sorry for double but just having DarkPaladin in Fusion deck, even if you arn't going to use him, is still good with prisma to get out darkmagican quickly.
Platinum: 2106-4560-3551 (Still playing through)
Pearl: 2707-7796-6372 (Use for Trading until further notice.)

User Info: FinalBacklash

8 years ago#6
What could be done to revive Dark Magician decks? New support cards, like a monster?
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User Info: Tristam79

8 years ago#7
Not that I know of, but that 1800 Light, 4 Star Spellcaster, Discard 1 card and add 1 Monster from your grave of level 7+ is great for Paladin decks. I always use it for DM, Buster, or Gorz, while dumping something that's good to trash, like Night Assailant. Good times.
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User Info: RixMaadi

8 years ago#8
It relies too much on the heart of the cards. - SONIC BOOM FTW!!!

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