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User Info: SigmaSlash

7 years ago#1
These are my Deck Recipes from Stardust Accelerator. I claim ownership for almost none of these and some of the names. Appropriate sources are thanked at the bottom.

To use some of these you need to activate this code that lifts the ban: 12011C52 0000EA00
If you don’t have an Action Replay, you can still make and save these decks, but when you leave the Deck Construction screen you have to be on a deck you can actually use. You can still Recipe Duel against the banned ones.

Goro is my Stardust Accelerator character, Katsu is Spirit Caller, and Akira is Nightmare Troubadour.

Table of Contents (Use Ctrl + F for quick search)
1. (The) 5th Mark (Goro)
2. Jelly Belly (Katsu)
3. ± Charge (Katsu)
4. Mute Creed (Akira)
5. Mage Villa (Akira)
6. Magic King (Akira)
7. Show Time! (Yugi)
8. Polar Power (Yugi)
9. Mage’s Blade (Atem)
10. Knight Time (Atem)
11. Arcane Chaos (Atem)
12. Blue-Eyes Burst (Kaiba)
13. Union Force (Kaiba)
14. Kaiser Impact (Kaiba)
15. Final Shine (Kaiba)
16. Roll the Dice! (Joey)
17. God of War (Joey)
18. Magical Girl (Téa)
19. Beyond the Grave (Bakura)
20. Horror Countdown (Yami Bakura)
21. Underworld Ruler (Yami Bakura)
22. U.S. Champion (Rebecca)
23. It’s Mokuba! (Mokuba)
24. Holy Sister (Serenity)
25. Seal Release (Solomon)
26. Undead March (Bonz)
27. Cosmic Energy (ESP Roba)
28. Raptor Rampage (Rex Raptor)
29. Ultimate Evolution (Weevil)
30. Legendary Ocean (Mako)
31. Majestic Lady (Mai)
32. Machine Mayhem (Keith)
33. Dark Abyss (PaniK)
34. Protect the Gate (Para/Dox)
35. Loony Toons (Pegasus)
36. Toon Channel (Pegasus)
37. Divine Ark (Noah)
38. Forbidden Pact (Gozaburo)
39. Temple Lurker (Odion)
40. Keeper’s Destiny (Ishizu)
41. Obelisk Impact (Kaiba)
42. Ra Fusion (Yami Marik)
43. Slifer Unity (Atem)
44. City of Justice (Jaden)
45. Angel Wings (Jaden)
46. New Gen(eration) Justice (Jaden)
47. Corrupt Justice (Jaden)
48. Dark Wisdom (Jaden)
49. Path to Neo Space (Jaden)
50. Roid Assembly! (Syrus)
51. Jungle Beast (Chumley)
52. Cool Beauty (Alexis)
53. LV Up D.R.A.G.O.N. (Chazz)
54. Total Loser (Chazz)
55. Neo Aqua Tactics (Misawa)
56. Raiding Flame (Misawa)
57. Hurricane March (Misawa)
58. Earth Blitz (Misawa)
59. EnLIGHTening (Misawa)
60. Shadow Strategy (Misawa)
61. The Jurassic (Tyranno)
62. Destined Duel (Aster)
63. Destiny’s End (Aster)
64. Chimera’s Cry (Zane)
65. Cyber Darkness (Zane)
66. Cupid’s Arrow (Blair)
67. Ogre Stomp (Sheppard)
68. Geared Up (Crowler)
69. Total Meltdown (Axel)
70. Rainbow Gems (Jesse)
71. Shroud of Shadow (Nightshroud)
72. Eternal Banquet (Camula)
73. Amazing Amazons (Tania)
74. Dark Scorpions (Don Zaloog)
75. Pharaoh’s Rule (Abidos)
76. Call of the Dark (Titan)
77. Art of Alchemy (Amnael)
78. Phantasm Chaos (Kagemaru)
79. Lightning Skyfire (Kagemaru)
80. Purgatory Overlord (Kagemaru)
81. Purity’s Blight (Sartorius)
82. No Antidote (Prof. Viper)
83. Terror Incarnate (Yubel)
84. Battlecry! (Original)
85. Holy Blessing (Original)
86. Genex Element (Original)
87. Evil Forest (Akiza)
88. Fiendfyre (Jack)
89. Shooting Star (Yusei)
90. Swift Cut (Goro - Turbo)

User Info: SigmaSlash

7 years ago#2
Due to length reasons I cannot post all 90 Recipes here. I have a mediafire link of my recipes. If that's allowed I will post it. Otherwise I can PM you the link.

User Info: SigmaSlash

7 years ago#3\Deck Recipes.doc

User Info: SigmaSlash

7 years ago#4

Made some fixes.

User Info: Tristianity2

7 years ago#5
I'm interested in this mainly because I'm rather new to this whole yu gi oh scene but I have one minor query, does this come in a text document? Because I don't have word .
The Ultimate Fourth Dimensional Guitar Hero
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