Question about unlocking WC duelists

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User Info: 1uzy5o

7 years ago#1
Do you have to beat story mode opponents 5 times in a row, or just 5 times?

User Info: GermanZ5

7 years ago#2
just five times. have fun beating everyone you see.
the rewards are worth it though.
beating 10 Cpu's give you a hidden booster pack.
for every ten you get
10: red-eyes darkness metal dragon (all of the other cards kinda suck though)
20: Gorz, Light and Darkness dragon, FGD, Dragon master knight(good cards)
30: Athena, Tragodia, Prisma (very good cards
40: Ice queen,light/dark end dragon, thunder king raioh,(extremely good cards.)
when you beat the tag CPU's you get more hidden packs
10: D-hero plasma,D-hero malicious, D-draw, stratos (most of the hero cards)
20: Dark simorgh, Gold sarcophagus, Green baboon(pre-ruling), Doom calibur knight (very good cards)
30: Phantom of chaos, dark bribe, Burial from D.D. (not that good cards)
All 36: Armory Arm, vice dragon (not worth the effort)

Most of the packs are worth it (except the last one) but they are very hard to unlock.
Happy Hunting!!!
"in case you know this means war !"

User Info: 1uzy5o

7 years ago#3
Hmm, that's strange... I've beaten Rally and Nervin at least six times already but I didn't unlock any WC duelists.

User Info: 1uzy5o

7 years ago#4
Okay this is weird. I just beat Rally five times in a row and I still didn't unlock any WC duelists.

User Info: JC_Phoenix

7 years ago#5
A similar thing is happening to me, except I'll even get a a message saying:
"New duelist unlocked in CPU Duel mode!"
but then when I look there's nothing new... It's happened two times so far.

I'm up to 18 possible, but I should really have 20 possible.
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User Info: 1uzy5o

7 years ago#6
I have beaten Rally, Nervin, and Tank waaaay too many times, and yet, when I go to WC mode, I don't even get a "New duelist unlocked in CPU Duel mode!". However, I have beaten random people that are walking around five times each and I unlock a duelist every time.

User Info: Awesome_Bastard

7 years ago#7
not every person in story mode will unlock a new duelist or you miss counted ... i know i did

that notice about the new duelist is probably because the game didnt save after you've check the possible new duelist.

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