im in shock (disgusted)

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User Info: winter71

8 years ago#11

So will TC ever get to experience porn? I'm just wondering how he'd react to 30 mins of it.

His head would explode.

Well, after something else exploded first of course.

User Info: Damajah420

8 years ago#12
I wonder if the same would happen if he looked at his own junk
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User Info: Mooshabong81

8 years ago#13

1.) TC is Flanders?

2.)TC was that kid who never showered after P.E. class?

3.) (TC watching skinflick)
Oh yeah...
"Do things right the first time and people won't be sure you've done anything at all"

User Info: DanteDemonMan

8 years ago#14
I love how there aren't nearly as many topics about the violence in the game. I mean, you're playing a game where you can end the lives of others just trying to drive across town. The beginning of the game...


has a scene where a man's face is pressed into a revved bike wheel. Yeah. Male nudity is disturbing.

God, I hate our stupid culture...

User Info: kaythreetwo

8 years ago#15
"course they wont have female full frontal because everyone taht plays gta iv is male so they are like oh who cares.. "

this makes absolutely no sense. if everyone that plays gta iv is male then surely they WOULD have female full frontal, as it appeals to most of us. and if they did i guarantee it'd have 95% less complaints than stubbs' nudity does.

User Info: MBXfilms

8 years ago#16
Put you can shoot people in the head, run over them, and set them on fire and watch their slowly dieing bodies flail around?
And if it was female parts you'd love it of course.
MBXfilms presents...

User Info: T_Devil

8 years ago#17
It just seems to me if a person cannot handle the nudity content then they are probably not mature enough to play the game in the first place. Personally, I felt the scene was nothing more the R* grandstanding by doing something nobody dared to do before, but that's my opinion. It's a penis, not many of them in video games these days. R* wanted to give you something to talk about. Mission Accomplished.

If it were a naked lady, I doubt we would be having this discussion. Funny how that is. Nudity is nudity both male and female. Some people just need to build a bridge to get over themselves.
"They're trolling. If you honestly hadn't figured this out by now then you probably need help getting dressed in the morning."-SOS_Haruhi

User Info: Travisclees

8 years ago#18
it just shows the age factor. example: i don't know anyone within 4 years of me that actually cared. it's a game, it's only for a second, and with the stuff on the web, i bet these kids that are crying about it seen more meat hammers in 5 minutes of a beat-session, but OH TEH NOES, NOT N MY GAEM!!

but if it was a naked chick, the board would be filled with R* IZ DA BAEST!! threads.

if a pixelated dong is enough to make you "cut out your eyes" i pity you, for the real world is far, far worse than anything you've ever seen.
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User Info: Stuflames

8 years ago#19
Only an idiot would actually care.
Robots are not to be trusted. - Murderface
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User Info: trenken

8 years ago#20
If you cant look at digital male parts then you are one/all of the following:

a) a hom()phobe idiot
b) a religious idiot
c) a >15 year old idiot
d) an uptight idiot

Basically, if you have any problem with this, you're an idiot. What brand of idiot I dont know and dont care. Get off my internet.
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