im in shock (disgusted)

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User Info: carfoGAMEFAQ

8 years ago#21
TC is a homophobe. You just got Rockstar'd!
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User Info: TotallySoldOut

8 years ago#22
The one thing is, if the strippers were animated with actual nudity, it'd probably get rated AO due to the fact that it would be nudity in a sexual nature, not just nudity as nudity. Although when I saw the end of the cinematic I laughed for a minute and thought "That was awesome, R* has balls (no pun intended) to put something like that in the game."

People who can't handle nudity are quite immature. We sit there and shoot women carrying groceries down the street in the head and can repeatedly run over her body with a motorbike after, but God, 8 seconds of a pixelated penis is just way too much.

Grow up.
The gang's all here with stories to tell
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User Info: Falloutcram

8 years ago#23
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User Info: TotallySoldOut

8 years ago#24
The gang's all here with stories to tell
So **** your life, see you in hell!

User Info: eldonauran

8 years ago#25
Meh, I am unimpressed.

R* had a good thing going but they had to go and ruin it by jumping from scantily clad to full frontal. The former was thought provoking and added incentive to the gaming experience. The later eliminates any imagination and just drops the ball right in front of you. Delayed gratification? Nope, we lose that experience.

If I wanted to see male anatomy, I would go online and look up some pics accompanied by the more appealing female anatomy that I prefer. I play games to stimulate my imagination and increase my enjoyment of my 'free-time'. Male anatomy does neither for me and tends to 'take off the edge'.

Risky venture? Arguable. We'll see how the public reacts. I however, will seriously reconsider buying another DLC from R* if it has the 'nudity' label, regardless of whether or not it is male or female.
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User Info: Accel-Dance

8 years ago#26
It's pretty natural for some to not want to see a naked cartoon man though, it's just how some people feel from their own environment and upbringings
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User Info: kou urake

kou urake
8 years ago#27
Violence is a-okay, but human anatomy isn't?

Social commentary, folks.
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User Info: MacDadams

8 years ago#28
We just had Walk Hard and Forgetting Sarah Marshall do the exact same when it popped up in gta i was not shocked or surprised. In fact I was a little annoyed at what a cheap attempt rockstar was making at some shock humor, directly copying those movies. We know they have a much more creative since of humor than that.

User Info: hailgalvatron

8 years ago#29
odd though, would rockstar put in a pixel vagina? Probably not, so why is this OK?

User Info: BubsSubaru360

8 years ago#30
So you saw an animated penis. Get over it.

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