how do you buy clothes?

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User Info: wazzzaaaaap

8 years ago#1
it says there are new clothing options, so after i beat the game i tried to buy some. but i looked on the map in the book, found the stores, and went to them but the doors wont open on any store!

User Info: TheCarter321

8 years ago#2
I might be wrong but I think the new clothing options are for online. I don't think you can change Johnny clothes at all actually he has to stay repping for the Lost

User Info: Donmega88

8 years ago#3
They could've added new clothes while making sure that johnny would still be representing the Lost.

Look at Jim's, he had a hoody underneath his Lost west. Army fatigue pants and brown boots.

Rockstar could've put some effort into it.

User Info: BubsSubaru360

8 years ago#4
Biker + Striped Polo = fail.

User Info: vinnemac

8 years ago#5
Johnny can't buy clothes he's no fashionista like NIKO!
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User Info: Snoosy

8 years ago#6
Is it really a big deal? This is GTA, not Barbie's dress-up adventure.
Is a hippopotamus really a hippopotamus or just a really cool opotamus?

User Info: TexasRoper

8 years ago#7
heck his jacket dosent even sport a bottom rocker for christ sake so i would love the chance to atleast edit the patches on my jacket to make it look a little bit real. mabye have the chance to chose if i wanted to wear a vest instead as most biker gangs do, and damn i dont even see a 1%er patch on it. oh well i would of like a little bit of customization on it. mabye a tatoo parlor or somthin.

User Info: IlluminatusCU

8 years ago#8
Biker + Striped Polo = fail.

I lol'd.
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