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User Info: Dragon35

8 years ago#1


Heres an interesting question for anyone, I've downloaded GTA 4 The Lost & Damned and its on my hardrive along with GTA 4 but yet the damned thing won't load up for me to play it.

Is their anything I'm doing wrong? How do I get the lost & damned to load up when I turn on my X-Box 360 Arcade?? Yes I have the original GTA4 Disk and had hoped it would have worked with either the disk or the game being on the HDD but nothing is happening..

Well almost nothing, The Lost & Damned game started briefly the other day and right after they walk out of the hospital and get on their bikes the Sound Stopped working, I've deleted the game 3 times & re-downloaded it 3 times but still the friggen thing won't start, load or ANYTHING.

Do I need my system hooked up to the internet in order to play this add on content? It doesn't make any sence to me to need that to play considering the fact that I've tried, I click PLAY and it tells me to " Use this for the game it was ment for " so again I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Needless to say I'm PISSED since I spent money getting the Game & a HDD for my arcade system only to find out that I Can't Play It YET!!!.

Please help, I greatly apprciate ANY HELP provided.


User Info: ClavitoPAZ

8 years ago#2
This is some Microsoft **** right here. Call them up and see what you can do.
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User Info: Carnage01010

8 years ago#3
Maybe its your GTA4 disc

User Info: wood_yoo_kyndly

8 years ago#4

From: Carnage01010 | #003
Maybe its your GTA4 disc

Why would it be the disc if DLC = Downloadable content?

User Info: ProjectXVIII

8 years ago#5
does your original GTA4 work? if not it might just be the disc.
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User Info: Carnage01010

8 years ago#6
I thought you needed the GTA4 disc to load the entire City.
And the DLC was just another Story mode.

User Info: wood_yoo_kyndly

8 years ago#7

From: Carnage01010 | #006
I thought you needed the GTA4 disc to load the entire City.
And the DLC was just another Story mode.

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User Info: aznboidavid

8 years ago#8
You need to be signed in to LIVE the first time you start it up to play it. It'll give you a message telling you if you want to play TLAD. If you don't get the message, start a New Game and you should have the option of starting a TLAD or vanilla file.
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User Info: SteveGCB

8 years ago#9
There was a patch for GTA IV at the same time the DLC arrived. Did you download that patch? XBox Live Silver membership is free so, if you have an internet connection then, you can still login to Xbox Live, you just can't use the features that are exclusive to Gold members.
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User Info: CKnight

8 years ago#10
Like aznboidavid said when the regular GTA4 game loads up press start and go to the menu where you have the option to load or start a new game and the option to start an LAD game will pop up. After it creates an autosave the game wont load on its own. The regular GTA4 autosave will always load first and then you'll have to manual load the saved LAD file. They each have a separate auto save file.

You only get the message to play LAD before the regular GTA4 game load once.

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