help with gas leak

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User Info: jj2208

8 years ago#1
right i need some help, im stuck at the bit where you have to fix the gas leak. ive got the pipes welded together but when i turn the top right valve left and the top one right, i get 50 pressure at the top hole, but at the pilot i get 20, and it dosent seem to do anything.

am i missing something?

User Info: Pokestunts

8 years ago#2
Same problem. According to the walkthrough, I've done everything correctly, however, the pilot light won't light.
Last time I checked it wasn't night time, and you're not sleeping so stop dreaming!- shishio

User Info: jj2208

8 years ago#3
ok i managed to do it, i was only welding 4 joints where there are 5 you have to weld.

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