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8 years ago#1
Im stuck when you are running away from the tank, Right after the part where you lose the Tibetian guy for the first time. You follow the path take out three guys turn the corner and the tank is there. How do you get past this part i always get killed by the tank. Thanks for any help

User Info: Abe_Froeman

8 years ago#2
Look right.

There's another path cutting in between buildings and down to a cliff side area.

I ran at the tank about three times before I noticed it myself.

User Info: aegilnet

8 years ago#3
took me atleast 10 deaths to notice the cut right... i felt so stupid after i found it... :(
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User Info: Marakush

8 years ago#4
Same here actually. I figured I had to go right in the alley when facing the tank, but it took me at least 5 times to notice there was another right :P
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User Info: btaylorstl

8 years ago#5
Yeah, that screwed me over for a while, too. Then I made an idiot platforming mistake on the cliffs there, and was petrified that I'd have to do it all over again, but fortunately they gave me a checkpoint.

Massive props to Naughty Dog for their choice of checkpoint placements. Nothing ruins the pacing of a game like this more than sparsely placed checkpoints. Only once in this game so far did I ever feel like I had to replay too much to get back to the point I died, and even that time wasn't nearly as severe as what I've experienced in the past. (I'm talking to you, Resistance 1.)
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User Info: stubbornmuse

8 years ago#6
So I am feeling like a big idiot because even with direction, I don't see this other path to the right. To the right of what? To the right when I'm facing which way? LOL If I hear that tank fire over and over again for much longer, I may throw something at the tv. Thanks for the help. Jules

User Info: whiteskwirl

8 years ago#7
If you look down the alley where the tank is at the end, the right side of the alley there is a protusion, a spot that looks like you could take cover behind it. Go there. Once you get there you will see that there is another path leading to the right. Take that path.

You just have to be quick about getting over there before the tank blows you away.

User Info: stubbornmuse

8 years ago#8
Thank you thank you! Finally, moving on.

User Info: catsimboy

8 years ago#9
I'm at the next part after you take out the three guys after the checkpoint and the two guys after that. I was playing for ten minutes dying time after time before I noticed the tiny alley-way HIDDEN IN DARKNESS. I was doing stupid stuff like trying to hide behind the tank. It blocked the machine gun and the driver didn't try to run me over so I thought I was doing something right.
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