Multiplayer Glitch

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User Info: Olaze

8 years ago#1
Anyone else encountered this glitch where on matchmaking deathmatch, the match still carried on after 50 even though that's suppose to be the limit?

User Info: AroThaDreadman

8 years ago#2
yea happened to me about 6 times. i jus kept on killin to get my medals n money up till it eventually stopped at 74. we was on the losin side but what do u expect with 3 lv 7s and 1 lv 14. didnt really care tho match ended at 56-74
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User Info: ChaltierX

8 years ago#3
No, but once half of my body got stuck on the stairs at the Ice Caves. Managed to kill 4 people while being defenseless. XD

User Info: GTA_playa645

8 years ago#4
happened once to me, but it ended at 60 kills.

but has anyone else seem a glitch on Ice cave where someone can do the "ledge pull" animation and get the kill, but they were pulling you through the ground? its hard to explain, but basically they're pulling you through the floor and it counts as a ledge kill. eventually i ran to the spot where the guy was doing it and a kicked him off of the ledge he was apparently hanging on. <<<--- ask all Fallout 3 questions here

User Info: AroThaDreadman

8 years ago#5
i also got a glitch in the train wreck level. U kno the train that has the shotgun in it? Where u have to jump over n grab the shotty n jump back? One time i was goin for the shotty but was gettin shot in the back so i pressed O to hide for cover n i hide behind the big brown haystack thats in the train.But I end up actually hiding INSIDE the haystack n cant jump or nothin to get outta it. I didnt quit but i didnt have a mic to tell my team to throw a bomb n kill me so i jus waited till someone ran for the shotty n punched em to death, i could shoot at em but only a certain way n i noticed they could shoot me but could never kill me when they noticed a head bobbin up n down tryin to jump out the haystack. After a while they jus stopped going by the train n made me sad =(. i got a perfect that match too :P.with FIVE kills!!!!
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User Info: Twenty0ne

8 years ago#6
turf wars went to 269 once

encountered other glitches as well but none of it really bothers me
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User Info: Olaze

8 years ago#7
There's alot of glitches that need fixing on this game. Let's hope they release a patch the same time as they bring out DLC or sooner would be better.

User Info: MajorRage

8 years ago#8
Haven't had the point glitch, but just recently I was in a game where there were 6 guys on the opposing team...
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User Info: TheTriangleMan

8 years ago#9
I think it's if someone gets kicked maybe, their captures/contribution doesn't count towards the total.

Thought it was people quitting, but it's not that since that's common. But I've been in games where someone's been kicked and we had to make up for what the kicked player did. Thought I was going nuts when we had to capture the treasure on Plunder for a 6th time.
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8 years ago#10
it just happened to me. thats why I came here to double check.
the score went all the way up to 67
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