Black screen with spinning dagger?

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User Info: Ziggles_hb

6 years ago#1

Ever since last night my PS3 has been acting up. So today I try to play UC2 online. But after every game I get the black screen and it never goes away. Is this a problem with my PS3 (an old 40g) or with my disk?

User Info: zillahfication

6 years ago#2
Probably neither in the long run. Apparently the newest update on PS3 has been causing a lot of problems (certain games freezing, shutting down, etc). I've been having problems with it booting me from online matches for no reason, or signing on and off of the PSN repeatedly of it's own volition.

That said, do you have a good viable internet connection? If your connection is iffy sometimes things won't load and you'll get stuck on the spinning dagger screen.
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User Info: Ziggles_hb

6 years ago#3

Yes, my internet is a little spotty but it has never done anything like this before.

User Info: IbuyPIEguy

6 years ago#4
This "Spinning Dagger of Death" as it is known by many, is quite common for this game. You most likely just need to quit game and load it up again. It happens to everyone, just consider it part of the game experience.
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User Info: Infiniterran

6 years ago#5
Sometimes the way you deal with that is to delete your game (not save) data and re-download the UC2 update which happens automatically.
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  3. Black screen with spinning dagger?

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