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User Info: RinneganX

4 years ago#1
Hey i need help with uc2 i wanna get 100% trophies nd i cnt get the trophy you run ill shoot nd rapid fire nd jack of all trades i was wonderin if der is anyone out der who would get those trophies for me id give u my account info nd u get the trophies sync them nd i would help u get trophies u need help with anyway i can pls im so desperate my account name is VastoLordeX

User Info: toledoguy452

4 years ago#2
Might be kind of hard to get all the trophies now since many of the trophies are online and not as many people play like back in the day when this game was BIG... I bought UC2 the other day just to play MP again, mostly deathmatch or the lab, I might not be the best, but UC2 MP is damn fun just as much now as in the older days..I am not sure I have the patience though to get all the trophies because like I said, many game modes are not really filled with people, mostly deathmatch or the lab..
PSN : ohioguy452

User Info: JimBucket

4 years ago#3
I need help too.
ID: RolfeFirst

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