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User Info: RinneganX

4 years ago#1
Hey i need help with uc2 i wanna get 100% trophies and i can't get the trophy you run i'll shoot and rapid fire and jack of all trades i was wondering if their is anyone out there who would get those trophies for me i would give you my account info and you could get the trophies sync them and i would help you get trophies you need help with anyway i can those are the only trophies i need help with because i know i can do all the other ones please i'm so desperate my account name is VastoLordeX message me if your interested this not a joke i need help message me if you want to help me thank you

User Info: smashidiot101

4 years ago#2
I'll help you. My username is greenlinkinmuse, and I'm on from 4-9 PM.

User Info: mignoncurieux

4 years ago#3
What you are asking I don't think will work. I think trophies you get stay on the PS3 that gets them, and not with the account... anyway, I suggest youtube. I look there for trophy help all the time and it works. Otherwise if you need a partner, I haven't played multiplayer yet, I just recently completed the game on single player.

My PSN: mignoncurieux

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