Never ending rebellions

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User Info: Roy_Lyca

7 years ago#1
All of a sudden all of my provinces are rebelling and I can't think why, there's no reason for it. I've no idea why all their loyalties got so low. Is there some kind of cheat I can use to stop them rebelling? If not what can I do?

User Info: Omega Hunter

Omega Hunter
7 years ago#2
I have the same problem it is rediculous. Put the rebellions down as soon as possible as they get worse each passing season; and purchase the Joust option in the unloyal provinces as often as you can realistically can afford to. Also try to keep track of which province gets which leige lord and try to match for instance a guy with wife who is a saxon to the saxon provinces, basically try and keep track of that stuff as it can make a difference.
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User Info: Roy_Lyca

7 years ago#3
They ended after about 5 years of non stop rebellion, there was stil no reason for it though. No ones rebelled in the 100 turns that followed and I didn't change anything

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