do you think this game will be any good?

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  3. do you think this game will be any good?

User Info: crazyisgood

8 years ago#1
if so why?
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User Info: Mogan

8 years ago#2
Yes, I do. Very. Because the PC game is very, very good and this isn't a port its a full remake. Same story, new graphic's engine, new combat controls (controls in general really), not sure about new content but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a bit. However! The Witcher Enhanced Edition for the PC only costs $40, $20 less than this will almost certainly costs, AND you get a fold out map, making of DVD, soundtrack CD, music inspired by CD, short story out of the book the game's set in, and a couple little extra mini adventures. So I can't say it'll be better than the PC version, at least not at the launch price of $60, but yes, I think The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf is going to be a good game.
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User Info: brigette464

8 years ago#3
go reserve it now.
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User Info: havoc470

8 years ago#4

the witcher easily catches my attention, i like the lore behind it and the pc game was great

White Wolf's success is all on the controls for me, everything else is already great

User Info: madman23

8 years ago#5

I've played through half of the PC version so far, so I don't know how it ends. The storyline is very strong so far, and the characters are great (especially the Witcher).

User Info: _tr

8 years ago#6
videos with gameplay (fight with knights):

this look nice :)

User Info: PaSquall

8 years ago#7
This is one of my games for 2009 together with Dragon Age, Heavy Rain and inFamous

User Info: LanDC77

8 years ago#8
It is good, very good.

User Info: brigette464

8 years ago#9
i remember seeing the PC review on xplay, and i was like man i want this. now if i really liked oblivion......will i love this.
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User Info: rhalx

8 years ago#10
The game is canceled.
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  2. The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf
  3. do you think this game will be any good?

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