What's this game supposed to be about?

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User Info: Redfish12X

8 years ago#1
I think the description is interesting. What is this game about anyways? Anyone know?

The reason I asked is I was looking for the last board posted as of right now, by typing in numbers indicated here:

Where x is a number, obviously.

This is 955217. Took a little while, but this is the latest game here...so I checked it out. Looks cool.

User Info: shadowwarrior4

8 years ago#2
from what i read its known as a point and click adventure i still havent played the first season although i want to really bad i like sam&max alot although i never tried the games
zombie combine that's like a, a zombine get it? a zombine

User Info: jmdwow

8 years ago#3
It is a game about a dog named Sam and a crazy bunny-like thing named Max who are freelance police that solve crimes. I personally enjoy the hmor in both series. Each season starts off randomly with different events that in the end have something connecting them. In season 1 it's mind control. In season 2, it is random events that have to do with.. well, I can't spoil it for you.

User Info: Sabrewing

8 years ago#4
Alex Roivas in a Smash Bros. game -- I shall continue hoping.
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  3. What's this game supposed to be about?

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