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User Info: RkiTek

9 years ago#1
surprisingly entertaining. Anyone else seen stuff on this?
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User Info: aladdin245

9 years ago#2
seems like a rip off of world of goo, and its only 5 dollars so it might be a complete bore
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User Info: TexasTerminator

9 years ago#3

Or it could be really fun and a super buy for the holidays! The mobile version has already received a nomination for best casual game.

User Info: OldKai

9 years ago#4
Low price + "Rip-Off" = noobs giving it no chance
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User Info: GameOz

9 years ago#5
I down loaded this and Fun! Fun! Minigolf today. I loved the mini golf game but can't say the same for Tiki Towers. The 500 price point was the final selling point for me but I had been reading up on this game for a while as well.

There were many comparisons to the great World Of Goo, so I figured for only 500 points it would be worth a try. Overall, I just found it to be a generic, average game. Also, unless I am missing something, the co-op is a rip off. I guessed it would play like World of Goo where each play can do the same thing but that is not the case here, as player two is very limited.
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User Info: Starman49843

9 years ago#6
So far I have no MAJOR complaints. I've played WORSE games that cost MORE.
Can't argue with THAT logic.

User Info: rumorstar

9 years ago#7
I think this game is totally worth the 500 points. It's not going to be game of the year or anything, but it's addictive and you get a lot of play time. I like playing around and making odd towers to see what happens.

User Info: SenorPapino

9 years ago#8
Certainly not as "groundbreaking" as WoG, but a worthwile game for those who like the construction concept. I am enjoying it so far.

User Info: Jump_Man7

9 years ago#9
I haven't played World of Goo yet, and didn't have the points to get it, so I got this game instead. Gotta say, I'm having fun playing it. I need to get world of goo sometime if it's way better than this
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