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User Info: BoItCrank

8 years ago#1

Need help converting these JP codes into raw:

EC878530 1446AD00

P1 HP Max
1CF0E274 145648C5
1CF0E278 145648C5

P1 Power9
1CF0E124 14541A3D

P1 Homing Max
1CF0E028 1456D77D
1CF0E02C 1456D77D
1CF0E030 1456D77D
1CF0E050 1456E7A5
1CF0E054 1456E7A5
1CF0E058 1456E7A5

P2 Onehit Death
1CF0054C 1456E7A6

P2 Power0
1CF000F8 1456E7A5

P2 Not Homing
1CF000FC 1456E7A5
1CF00300 1456E7A5
1CF00304 1456E7A5
1CF00024 1456E7A6
1CF00328 1456E7A6
1CF0032C 1456E7A6

P1 Character
1CF0C548 1456E7xx

P2 Character
1CF0C54C 1456E7xx

xx=A5(Aino Heart)、A6(Tsuzura Saki)、A7(Tokinomiya Kamui)
A8(Konoha)、A1(Kasuga Maori)、A2(Mei-Fang)
A3(Lilica Felchnerow)、A4(Lieselotte Achenbach)
9D(Yasuzumi Yoriko)、9E(Daidohji Kira)、9F(Fiona Maifield)
A0(Mildred Avallone)、99(Petra Johanna Lagerkvist)
9A(Zenia Valov)、9B(Angelia Avallone)、9C(Elsa La Conti)
B5(Clarice Di Lanza)、B6(Catherine Kyohbashi)
B7(Dorothy Albright)、B8(Angelia Avallone)
B1(Inuwaka Akane)、B2(Inuwaka Nazuna)、B3(Paraselcia)

P1 Arcana
1CF0C560 1456E7yy

P2 Arcana
1CF0C564 1456E7yy

9D(Dieu mort)、9E(niptra)、9F(Oreichalkos)、A0(Unknown?)

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