A Good Way To Get Money?

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User Info: narutimettohero

7 years ago#1
Getting the challenge of making....... 50,000 G? Yeah, I think it's 50,000G. I was wondering if there was a good way of getting money. I have chickens & cows & I get stuff from them everyday. I sell them & do some jobs but I'm worried I won't make it.

Plus.... Who's someone good to marry? Katie is cute, Gwen is somewhat good... By good you know what I'm thinking. XD
But seriously, who's a good girl to marry?
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User Info: huyxxx

7 years ago#2
Gwen is a tomboy, Aurelia was a rebel in the past, Alice is a bossy rich girl. Besides them Lyla, HG and Katie are the girliest (clara_lin confirmed this). Dia is kinda a shy mistress of a mansion.... and Gina is a maid type. Just pick whoever you feel most attached to. Everyone has their own type so my favorite may as well be your worst choice.
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User Info: NominalBeast

7 years ago#3
Planting watermelons during summer scored me a lot of money. You earn more selling them during the winter but you can't store food until your second year-ish.
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User Info: LevanX

7 years ago#4
You could do it like me,
Everyday you go the the Farm-Part time job stay there from 8-13 and get 500g after that you collect the herbs and give the girls gift im at the 17spring and already have 7720g
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User Info: clara_lin

7 years ago#5
For the first year, you'll most likely go to the crops that can be sold for higher price on that season because you cant keep any of them if you dont have fridge. So my suggestion if you want to do farming, go for carrots and strawberries for spring, tomato and corn for summer, onion and pumpkin for fall.

Doing request also can be a good money maker, eventhough you'll take quite long to collect all the items they request.

If you like doing part time job, then go for Bob's, if you stay the whole day there, you can get 1000++G in a day, if you want a quick part time job, go for the Villa's cooking, you can get various item leftovers and you can get recipes.


That depends, what type of girl do you like??? All the girls in Leaf Valley has their own characteristic and personality.
Gwen -> She's the tomboy of this series, she loves animal especially horses. She can be cold at first, but she'll eventually become kind after you know her. I think she's one that socialize the most among other girls (lets see she usually hangs out with Joe and Kurt, Lyla and Bob that makes it 4)

Lyla -> You should go for her if you like matured woman. She is indeed matured in fact the oldest among the other girls. She's a natural flower girl.

Dia-> If you like Tsundere type (harsh outside cute inside) go for her. She' s typical rich kid that never leaves house and hardly ever talks to anyone and always reads book. She commented "Owh its different from what the books says" when you give her blueberry the first time.

Gina -> As a maid that serves Dia's family, she's really hardworking and keep herself low profile. She's one of the cute type.

Katie -> This is our primadona for the cute type for this game, she acts cute and the fact that she's just 16 makes frillies looks good on her. (yea, that makes your protagonist sort of pedophile)

Aurellia -> another tomboy of the series, however she's more tomboy that Gwen I think. She's strong willed (Can be seen from her conversation) and very straightforward. You can see her feminime side when she's playing ocarina.

Alice -> I think I'll say she's pretty much a mix of Dia and Katie, she's rich and yet she has that cute look on her. She's bossy in and often look down on people because the fact that she's the CEO of funland company. Only go for her if you aren't scared with challenges and frustration on completing mecha event.

H.G -> Another mature type of the game beside Lyla. Age unknown, maybe hundred or thousands of years, I guess that what makes her mature and wise. She's isn't a really good partner to choose if you want to have a chat because you need to give her offering and thats for 2 whole year if you decided to marry her. However, to get married to H.G is one of the most popular objective in this game (because she looks stunning in her human form)
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User Info: near4814

7 years ago#6

clara_lin posted...

Katie -> This is our primadona for the cute type for this game, she acts cute and the fact that she's just 16 makes frillies looks good on her. (yea, that makes your protagonist sort of pedophile)

i lol'd at this one. XD

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