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User Info: SavageReaperX

5 years ago#1
Okay, first off, *SPOILERS*

So, when I got to Mount Kazan in Another Marona, I confined this weed that had this name: silky weed?
Yes, the question mark was supposed to be there. I don't think the title matters, so long as you see the question mark at the end. I found it in the second or third part of it. Wherever you see the weed. Well, I confined it and Ash's confine turns ran out, so I took it home. This is no ordinary weed. When I picked it up, There was a wooden man with an eye in its chest under it that I was holding upside down! The weed didn't appear to have any special moves or stats, but I kept it anyway, because I strengthened it and gave it to Baal. So does anyone know if this thing has any specialties? I also killed ash back at phantom isle to see if it was some reincarnation item, but it wasn't. Help?

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