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User Info: maxxfreak1

8 years ago#1
I'm thinkin bout buying this game, is it worth it? I like shooters, Halo is great, and I thought the demo was good. Another thing I qould like to know, is how many gametype are there? What are they? Can you modify them (like in halo)? Also, how many maps are there?
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User Info: KrisMKX

8 years ago#2
off the top of my head - 3 game types - deathmatch, CTF, and Assault.

I think there are 5 or 6 maps. Well worth the $10 for this game.

User Info: danger_xenocide

8 years ago#3
Here's a better, more informed review:

The gameplay is pretty good for the most part. I've put about 3 or 4 hours into the game. About 2 hours in competitive multiplayer games.

The one flaw that concerns me is the ease with which the Blackops and Bishop classes can pick up and throw objects. You don't have to actually be looking at an object to pick it up. Provided you have enough energy, you will grab something EVERY time you hit left trigger, regardless of where you are looking. At first I thought that was really stupid, until I saw how quickly a skilled Guardian can gun you down. The throw ability wouldn't be practical otherwise, and Guardians would dominate. So you can pick something up every time you hit trigger. I guess thats ok.

But you also pick them up REALLY FREAKIN FAST, and can cast them out immediatly, and at VERY high velocity. This makes it very difficult to avoid, especially as a Guardian when you don't have a shield and must dodge it. Add to the fact that you can use a reward that ups the damage of your throw attacks, PLUS how quickly your energy allows you to throw again, and you have a borderline overpowered attack. I was playing as Guardain one time, and two lives in a row, a player one-hit killed me with a throw attack immediately. It was so fast, I had no time to dodge it.

Now combine the following: Always available throwing, immediate throwing, high velocity throws, quick throws one right after another, and massive damage. All of that comes from one button. Take ALL OF THAT, and throw in the fact that you can use your guns AT THE SAME TIME, and you can kill people extremely quickly. If you are going to play guardian, you better be VERY good at dodging.

Granted, I haven't played enough of the game to fully understand the counters to these tactics. I haven't played anyone good enough to counter this yet. There may be a totally viable option that I just don't know about yet, but whatever it is, it will probably lead to the fights being shorter with more frequent deaths, rather than longer w/ less frequent deaths. I think the deeper this game goes, and the higher level its played on, the faster paced it will become, and I don't think it will take long for that pace to get extremely freakin fast.

Unless its a Bishop vs Blackops or Bishop vs Bishop. Both players try to throw attack, both players then try to shield, then both players try to pop their shield off really quick, fire, and throw their shields right back up again. It results in two people dancing around in circles looking at each other w/out damaging each other. It reminds me of Halo 3, when someone with a short range weapon throws down a bubble, and the enemy player is too smart to chase in after him. You get those 30 awkward seconds of boring standoff. You'll see what I mean the first time you find yourself in a shield vs shield fight. Its kind of stupid, and its slows the game way down.

Aside from those two instances, the gameplay is top notch. The guns are all very solid and well balanced, which is high praise for any FPS multiplayer.

The maps are very well made as well, with pretty good positioning of the power items. There are only about 7 maps though.

There are 4 gametypes. FFA Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, CTF, and a 4th gametype that plays exactly like 1 Bomb Assault from Halo 2. One team plays Offense, the other Defense. Offense grabs the "Hacker", and must take it into the enemy base and stand in a circle with the Hacker while they fill a bar on their screen. If they fill that bar, they win. The Defense gets a prompt when the Attacking team is arming the "Hacker" (filling the bar). If the Defense can keep them from arming for the duration of the round, they win. Offense and Defense switch sides after every round.
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User Info: danger_xenocide

8 years ago#4
The single player is a joke. You'll beat it in 2 hours. Its only purpose is to familiarize yourself w/ each class, unlock different skins for your character, and unlock rewards (think "Perks" from CoD4) that can be used in multiplayer.

As far as whether or not the game is worth it; it really depends. The game is nearly dead online. I haven't found a ranked match yet. If you don't mind posting your gamertag in some threads and making an actual effort to find people to play with, then I think you'll enjoy yourself quite a bit with the gameplay. The jury is still out on whether or not certain tactics have viable counters, but most of the people you'll play are too bad for that to be an issue. And in most cases, a counter is available. You just have to be willing to look hard enough to find it.

I say buy it. Its 10 bucks, and we need every player we can get.
Hard Way or No Way.
Gamertag: Hard VVay (2 V's for the "W")

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