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User Info: BlitzSoldier

5 years ago#1
Is there a way to upgrade the Dojima Brothers blacksmithing? I am sick and damn tired of them screwing up my weapons when I upgrade them. I pay them 500 gold to upgrade my weapons and they get -2 attack/-15 defense, so I reforge (500), then I get -5 attack/-8 defense, reforge (500), then I get +14 attack/-15 defense etc. I am tired of spending 3000 ryo (I think that's what they are called) for a 500 ryo job.
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User Info: Image20

5 years ago#2
What I do is save before I have a Dojima Brother work on my weapon. If I get a good result, I keep it. If the result is junk, I reload.

It's kinda cheap, but I agree with what you said: 3000ryo for a 500ryo job doesn't cut it.
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User Info: Stuflames

5 years ago#3
Stockpile tons of money and it's quite a bit less time-consuming. Some of the companions increase your money randomly by a base percent, which starts small but is significant with the more money you get.

Until then find a sword with moves you like, upgrade it with acceptable (they don't have to be good, breaking even or just above is acceptable) upgrades and to its max upgrade limit (5 above its base 'limit'), then apply the 'Legendary' name and that should be able to get you an acceptable sword to work with for the normal and easy difficulties. From there amass your fortune and when you get back to upgrading blades for real you'll be able to get some good numbers with far less reloads and headaches.

Always kill the Dojima after spending your money, and you have nowhere to go but up.
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