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User Info: grimm201

7 years ago#1
Hah, I had the original page still up's all the info of all the companions

How to get: Do the jobs for the old lady in Takatane village until you get one where your rescuing a village girl from bandits. That girl will be Kane.
Description: Bland village girl. I don't even think it's a unique character model.
What she does: In battle she will 'encourage' you (whatever that means. In her defense the things she screams out do kinda make you feel good). She's also a mobile parts box. Not too useful, although she is only one I know of that lets you join her during the daytime. 1000 HP?
Where to find her: Near the old lady that gives the jobs most of the time after noon.

How to get: Is on the bridge in Omiki Town. Just walk up and talk to her. She'll be a bodyguard for 100 bucks. Leaves as the sun shines. Unsure if there's a way to get her to stick around.
Description: Purple kimono with a spear on her back. Or a broom. You know, whatever the game decides her late husbands spear was supposed to be.
What she does: She'll use the spear to stab people. I'm not sure, since I don't get into alot of fights at night with multiple attackers. HOWEVER, she is a mobile Weapon box. VERY handy. Also, she has 2000 HP, so she's tougher than most companions (At least the ones i know of...)

How to get: This one's annoying. At night at the Posting Station, she'll...stick out. Tell her you'll buy her whatever she wants, and she asks for a potion that will make her more beautiful. That potion is an Arcane potion (I think. The one that revives you with 1000 hitpoints automatically when you die), sold by the rare merchant that occasionally shows up on the boat in the Road. And it sells for 3000 bucks. Yeah. Not sure if any of those are just lying around. When you have it just talk to her and say here, take this. The game will see that it's in your inventory and take it. Next she'll say she wants something fluffy and white. That cake is a chicken cake. You can actually find these sometimes on a rock near the inn at the Guard Post. Otherwise you'll have to go to Omiki town and buy it for 1600(?). Finally, she'll ask for a amulet, which is the expensive life increasing item. The one that sells in daytime Posting Station for 1500 and increases health by 100. After you've given all three she'll finally become a companion.
Description: Red kimono with...well, you'll notice it's her. Trust me. It's a straight road, hard to miss.
What she does: She has a trait called sexy distraction. Or something like that. She yells distractions. Kinda self explanatory there. I think the enemies are actually more passive with it active. She's also a mobile safe, letting you deposit money whenever you want. Keep that in mind when that pickpocket takes 6000 bucks for you. Health is 1000

How to get: Apologize to all the cats in Amara castle, Omiki, takatane, and road, until each of them starts following you when you walk away. They'll be located at different spots at different times. Also I believe the only way to see the cat in Amara castle is by joining the faction. Then you can find her in morning/afternoon time at guard post.
Description: Kimono wearing girl with all the cat accessories on. And carrying a giant tuna
What she does: Also throws food at you (Think she throws Dried fish though). Despite having the giant tuna doesn't fight though. Odd.

User Info: grimm201

7 years ago#2
Anything in () is usually me adding something.

Posted by Arestice_ :

How to get: Found at Castle Amana near the save guy when entering from Omiki Town. She's near some trees, she'll call out to you, talk to her and she'll accuse you of murder. Say what ever, and she'll initiate a fight. Just apologize don't even bother fighting. She'll put her sword away and the following dialogue leads to her being your partner.
Description: Black hair, rainbow kimono.
What she does: She'll fight if the enemy aggros on her, she uses a sword and has 2000 hp. She's not really strong and will die if left alone against some of the tougher enemies. (She also has a stat called Ponder ((Or something)). This will randomly pop up. If your current weapon still has more moves to learn on it she will make you learn one of them. One of the more useful characters.)
Where to find her: Castle Amana

Posted by sirmccarthy:

Name:Chick who likes to eat (Hiiragi)
Location: Guard Gate, morning
Abilities: Gift: she freaking throws food at you, its awesome

(She also let's you change out accessories. Useful? And you do give her a giant radish. The best place I found to get it is by killing villagers. But it's a rare drop so...

100 man battle!!!!

You heard me.

Get the people of Omiki town pissed off at you. Then go to Oryo (the overseer) Who says the only way to make it up to the villagers is to go through a 100 man battle where you get to kill 100 villagers. At the end you'll get like five or six giant radishes. Just don't bring a companion for it. She may die. ...From you accidentally killing her. >.>;)

Thanks for Durandarte for letting me know about this next one:

How to get: Just walk by her while really injured. Best time to do this is at beginning of game by scaring off merchants. Or you can let the dojo people whale on you (they'll stop themselves from killing ya)
Description: Yellow kimono, bland
What she does: She will heal you by talking to her (only happens when your really low on health). What really makes her special though is her barter ability. With this you can get up to a 30% (!!!!) discount on items. Doesn't work for forging weapons. Also has a pilfer ability but I dunno what it does.

Himiko (?)
How to get: Same way as Kane, only you get the mission from the overseer in Omiki town.
Description: Yellow kimono w/ flowers and headwrap
What she does: Has an ability called Rescue. I haven't tested it out yet

User Info: sirmccarthy

7 years ago#3
How to get: Do a bunch of missions for the Overseer of the town, after a while she will give you a mission in which you have to save a girl from a depraved man, this is Misaki.
Description: She is mean, and has a white scarf over her head: Maid
Abilities: Rescue (not sure what it does)
Where she is: After you save her, she chills around the overseer from the morning til noon.

How to get: Give her a Giant Radish
Abilities: Gives presents (Giant Radishes) and Accessory Box
Description: Naive
Where she is: Guard Gate in the morning till noon.

User Info: grimm201

7 years ago#4
Found out what Misaki's Rescue trait does.

Whenever your low on health, Misaki rushes in and starts kicking whoever your fighting. Since enemies won't target her this is really the only way to tag team someone. Kinda cool. Still doesn't make her useful though, seeing as there's a whole lot of other companions that do cooler passives.

User Info: TAS7284

7 years ago#5

Play the game up to day 30 (or later) and Dona will appear at the Posting Station between 6:00 and 12:00. The easiest way to do this is sleep alot. When talking with her respond with the choice "How about the Samurai standing in front of you?"

Note Dona is a female version of Don (the afro guy in pink) from WOTS1.

User Info: Ryo_the_Inferno

7 years ago#6
So where, exactly, does the catgirl appear? I've got all four cats following me, but I can't find her anywhere.
You're probably The One. Expect a call from Morpheus within 5 business days. - foocs

User Info: Krescentwolf

7 years ago#7

I'm still desperate;y searching for Kasumi. Any news on her so far?

User Info: TAS7284

7 years ago#8
For Kasumi you need to have a good status with each of the four factions/job givers, ie you have to do like 3 or 4 jobs from each of the 4 job givers then she appears somewhere (I forget where exactly) and you have to say something to her like "I'll be your brother" and she should join you.

From what I can tell/read (in the guide) almost all the companions are a real pain or time consuming to get and (as far as I can tell) you have to go through the process of their requirements each playthrough which is really annoying for characters like Kasumi that require you to do alot of jobs or Dona which requires you to spend 30 days in the game.

It be nice if there were an unlockable option that allowed you to start a playthrough with any of the companions you've unlocked.

User Info: grimm201

7 years ago#9
Nyanya appears by the inn at the guard post.

Now the only unique one left is the ghost woman. Also, there's a girl who works in the kitchen at the oaka HQ that i noticed that her name was in green, so she's a companion too. I just dunno how to recruit her. Maybe through an oaka mission? Heh, I've never done any of them cause i always kill the boss first thing.

User Info: Krescentwolf

7 years ago#10

If green = companion... then heres one scary fact. Theres a granny with a sword who occasionally walks around 'The Road' whose name is green....

just dont get the final event with her... please... spare me that image :P

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