Play Japanese Now or Wait for English?

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User Info: sapphirinezeiro

8 years ago#21

If you can easily someone willing like that, I would have done translating Fate/tiger colosseum and Fate/tiger colosseum upper. Both of which are awesome games, if only for the comedy and story alone (especially for Fate fans). They're quite good fanservice games.

Problem is, even if there are lots of programmers out there who have the ability to do so, they are not willing, because they have an interest of their own or they just plain have something else better to do (i.e. whether it be their job, tending to that baby dog over there, or fending off Aliens and Super Natural beings in Super Robots).

It's also not motivational that they know the game will be translated sooner or later anyway.

"Fantranslations" are generally fueled by motivation and dedication (interest and such).
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User Info: ZeroBlitz

8 years ago#22
The point I was making is that the game's already been translated - the story script is entirely available on Only the programming needs to be done. Though that obviously depends on how difficult it is to rip and insert the text.

Also, comparing Disgaea to Type Moon games that few Westerners are going to have any knowledge of doesn't make sense. Disgaea is going to have a much bigger fanbase so finding a programmer willing and able to do the job would be a lot easier. Even if that's a seriously difficult job itself.

Tiger Colosseum's case isn't helped much by the fact that the actual gameplay gets boring quickly. Having it spread out between a great story might make it a lot more enjoyable but for most people (without Japanese language skills) simply attempting to unlock characters gets tedious. Thus finding programmers would be near impossible and I doubt there are many translators that would be willing to do it when there are a huge amount of interesting visual novels without translations.

User Info: sapphirinezeiro

8 years ago#23

Where's your programmer now?
I am... I am Gigil! Listen to my song! -Gigil

User Info: Andyx1337

8 years ago#24 doesn't work for me.

Are you sure the link is correct?

User Info: Dmonrei

8 years ago#25
To answer a few things:

@ HL9:

NISA has been taking they're time releasing D3 DLC and checking for glitches, on top of that they've been releasing and translating DLC for P:Cirbth and are currently translating Cross Edge, so even if they have a near complete script, it does not mean they will be making it top priority. Besides, they have a timeframe for Cross Edge out already, and they're trying not to alienate fans of D3 and P:cirbth by releasing they're respective DLC first, sad as it may be. My estimate for the release would be around Sept - Dec of this year based on the games they are releasing / DLC priorities (Cross Edge = May 19, personal estimated end of D3 DLC = late July - early August) Then again, this is pure speculation on my part.

At the guy who said it would be easy to fan-translate the game:

Fan translations requires that you actually disassemble the game to find out which portions are for text, gameplay, etc. That in itself would take time and effort (honestly, it takes some translators months before they can even find which line of code is text) That on top of the fact that the game is known to be coming to the US pretty much makes it pointless.

With that said, I personally will be waiting for the US release, mainly because I've got a lot of games I need to finish (those and maxing out my current D3 file and DLC characters) But I wouldn't be surprised if someone would decide to actually play the game now.
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User Info: Fayt16

8 years ago#26
I played the PS2 version but Im still waiting for the english release.
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User Info: Ryosagi

8 years ago#27
Don't forget the new content that needs to be translated. Can't just steal the script from the PS2 version and leaving the new stuff untranslated.

The joys of backlog...
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User Info: Lobomoon

8 years ago#28

User Info: victorinox12

8 years ago#29
@ zeir
JUST BECAUSE its gonna come out in english doesnt mean no one will translate it

Dragonball origins, for the DS had a team translating it, and the game came out in english about 1.5 months later... and they got everything translated minus the script in that time

metal slug 7 got fully translated and it came out 4 months later which was gonna come out here anyways

pokemon plat/saph got almost 100% translated and again it was clear it was gonna come out here

but the reason more games dont get translated is simply, theres no fan base, or they see it as pointless... i did a complete translation of everything in taiko no tatsujin wii, to get some people who normally wouldnt play due to the Japanese in it, and in the time after it was posted *it was like a week after it came out, so early December* to this day it got 38 views on a forum with 50,000+ people so clearly im not gonna take the time to patch it, i also did this for fragile, and it was completely overlooked

but completely translating this game wouldnt be too hard, if you only translate whats 100% important *bills, and settings* then translate everything thats new *mostly 7 or so lined dialogs, since or minor notes on a bill, since most of the new things were just added after doing something old* put a small translation on the new things added in item world, like those orbs *or atleast i never saw them before -,_-,* Mao's room, the painting room/shop, the various random people who give you this and that.... and youre done =P you dont need to transate anything thats not 100% important but it would help people play the game over waiting, since most people know what happened in disgaea 2 =P but thats my 2 cents, if you want to know the final reason why we dont see more patchs, its people are ungrateful... i post my saves on here quite often... and they will get like 300 downloads, then someone else will actually upload it to the server *i always get rejected* and in the topic i posted it in, i get like 3 thank yous out of 300+ downloads... now you think of the number of people who would download a patch for a game like Dissidia *using a bigger game* i would get a few thank yous, a LOT of people downloading, and some one complaining about spelling or text =\

User Info: Zimra

8 years ago#30
People usually don't go out of their way to thank someone unless something is extraordinarily good. In the same respect, people are much more vocal when they want to complain about something, when everyone else who has no qualms is far too busy enjoying it. It's the silent majority at work. I'm usually one of them, I lurk tons of message boards/blogs and never bother voicing my own opinion. (except for now, obviously)

I just want to say, if people are downloading your saves they are most likely enjoying them. I can't count the amount of times I've downloaded a mod/bought a game online and never said anything. If that makes me ungrateful, ten so be it! All that aside, don't take it harshly.

And if I misunderstood everything you said, sorry!
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