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Frustrated getting the treasure maps....

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  3. Frustrated getting the treasure maps....

User Info: Zantetsuken_14

5 years ago#1
For my first playthrough of the game, my Adell is at lvl 2086 and has 150 felonies with 46 hours into the game, with Laharl and Marjoly recruited. I have 11 of the 16 pirate maps so far. I'm trying to get the rest but I've been playing for hours both yesterday and today and the only pirate I've encounted that had a map, which I got my last treasure map from, was the prism pirates. I usually do the item world by entering subopenas and leave when I'm on floor 42 tops. Are there pirates that only appear on higher levels of floors or is it my bad luck?

Pirates I've encountered so far are

Platinum- 2321 2090 6225 Hottie
Heart Gold- 2450 6948 8930 Fritz

User Info: Darkaned

5 years ago#2

really helps!

User Info: Fafniroth

5 years ago#3
1) Several pirates require floor level 40+ or 60+.
2) Many of them have an item where they are more likely to be found.
3) Exploring subpoenas is a waste of time anyway, since leveling them is useless.
11) Check the FAQs.

User Info: Master_Gamer

5 years ago#4
You should really be multitasking something like pirate hunting. You're already hunting and passing felonies at the same time, which is good, but move the Bailff into a low rank legendary weapon and pass the counter attack boosting bill three times. Also, you're getting your felony's worth out of items by going to four-five dark courts an item, right?
Queen owns.
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  3. Frustrated getting the treasure maps....

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