8bit Killer

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User Info: nitrouside

9 years ago#1
Does anybody know anything about this game?

User Info: RazorBlankGiga

9 years ago#2
Nope, but I just downloaded it, and love the intro music. All I'm trying to do is figure out the effing controls so I can read the intro crap. o.o

User Info: pinneyapple

9 years ago#3
Just downloaded it, its pretty good! Controls are pretty fluid too, WSAD and mouse. Awesome!

User Info: dart193

9 years ago#4
Control is simply: WASD-move, up and down too, left and right rotate you. Ctrl or LMB - shoot, RMB-open a door(or secret door...). Space-pause. Esc-WTF, this simple and fast exit. As for me it's okay.

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