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User Info: quickstraw

8 years ago#1
I urge everyone to check this game out. It is a puzzle/platform game. Very old school - very fun! And it costs only 200 points.
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User Info: katamariUK

8 years ago#2
I agree that it's very good but I'm holding off buying as I fear the levels after those in the trial version won't get much harder and won't take long to finish. Anyone who has the full version find it gets harder? Thanks.
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User Info: AlphaMoonWolf

8 years ago#3
it does get more difficult, it is a decent challenge. the last few levels are quite tough indeed. ;-)
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User Info: PAJ89

8 years ago#4
Definitely gets tough towards the end. If you're good at puzzles and have good reactions you could very easily beat it in a few hours (levels 1-40 don't offer too much challenge but there are some toughies beyond that) and there isn't much of an incentive to replay them, but its a cool and charming game and 200 points is a good price.

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