How do you beat level 1-7

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User Info: TheChowster44

8 years ago#1
The one with the tornado... I can't figure it out!?!?!?!!
I've tried everything from trying to fly over it, to trying to weigh myself down to walk passed it... it won't work...
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User Info: capgamer

8 years ago#2
Type "nothing." Set it over the tornado. Profit.
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User Info: halfofastaple

8 years ago#3
Ohh! I got stuck on that one too! The answer is really easy!

After getting frusterated and giving up, I summoned Everything (Everything, Nothing, and a Black Hole all are pretty simular, except Nothing and Everything sucks up things for only a little bit and then dissapears pretty quickly, causing much less devistation and being much less dangerous)

Anyhow, summon everything or nothing to defeat the vortex. I have no idea how to beat it the third time. Perhaps a black hole... but I am afraid of those XD

User Info: TheChowster44

8 years ago#4
Wow, that was a bit ridiculous! lol
The day he stops smiling is the day we remember his smile...

User Info: M4G_Firestorm

8 years ago#5
I rode a cow through it.
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User Info: Absolut1on

8 years ago#6
First time, i used a Fan to blow the Starite into the Tornado which then flung it to Maxwell.
Second Time, I used Shrink ray on the tonado
Third time, i glued the Starite to a mouse and then used cheese to bring the mouse to Maxwell

User Info: CoffeeNinjaB8

8 years ago#7
ride a goat through

User Info: GTA_Edm

8 years ago#8
I chose a Black Hole. It sucked up the tornado and it, in turn, destroyed the Black Hole. Took me awhile to even think of that. lol My mind is blown with the concept that I can summon ANYTHING!

User Info: kyoboy

8 years ago#9
Place a shelter in the middle of the screen, hide in it and come out when the tornado is away.

User Info: halfofastaple

8 years ago#10
To verify some of the random posts (I tried them all):

1) As I have stated, Nothing, Everything, and Black Hole all work.
2) Cow: You CAN ride a cow to get to it, but you ride it OVER the Tornado, not through it, and you gotta just keep pushing. It seems more like an exploitation of the collision boxes than a real solution.
3) Goat: Same thing as Cow.
4) Shrink Ray: Works, yet you still have to go "Over" it (you won't fit under) and it can not be done without flying. (wings, jetpack, or my favorite, Pegasus)
5) Mouse and Cheese: It is hard to grab the mouse's attention with the cheese. You tie the starrite to the mouse with a rope, and place cheese next to the mouse, when he gets close, pick it up and get him closer and closer tot he tornado. Eventually, the collision boxes will mess up and the starrite/mouse will end up on the other side of it. Again, this is an exploitation of collision boxes and is not a real solution.
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