Super scribblenauts weapon list

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User Info: Gaming-X-God888

6 years ago#1
(Adjectives don't change how the gun works just the appearance and shape) Guns: gun/pistol,BB-gun,shotgun,revolver/magnum,sniper rifle,flare gun,RPG/bazooka/rocket launcher/missile launcher,freeze ray,flamethrower,shrink ray,laser,grow ray,mini gun,machine gun,rifle,,revolver,spud gun,stun belt,sub machine gun,volley gun,air gun/pistol,blow dart gun,capture gun (same as tranquilizer),cattle gun,chain gun,cork gun,field gun,glue gun,harpoon gun,nordenfelt gun,paintball gun,pop gun,rail gun,
riot gun,rivet gun,mind control device shotgun/dragon,proton pack,barrel gun,tommy gun,assault rifle Explosives: Dynamite,TNT,Torpex,Nitrocellulose,Nitroglycerine/Nitro (same thing),Post Two One Seven,Atom Bomb/Nuclear Bomb,grenade,bomb,sticky bomb Melee: Sword,knife(weapon),axe,spear,whip,scythe,weapon,halberd,excalibur,crossbow Other: staff,turret,wand,wizard staff

User Info: Jengo207

6 years ago#2
Actually if you type in "automatic" before the name of the gun you will shoot a 9 bullet spurt instead of a 3 bullet spurt

User Info: Jengo207

6 years ago#3
Here are the weapons that I have written down

GUNS: pistol, machine gun, shotgun, carbine, revolver, DPSS, gyrojet, minigun, derringer, rpg, grenade launcher, laser, plasma rifle, EBG, rail gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, bow, crossbow, tommy gun, shrink ray, grow ray, stun gun, cork gun, tranquilizer gun, cattle gun, BB gun,
airsoft, flare gun, flame thrower, freeze ray, spud gun, stun belt, SMG, volley gun, blow dart gun, paintball gun,
riot gun, rivet gun, flintlock, water gun, boomstick, hand cannon, potato cannon.

adding these adjectives enhances the performance of the gun ADJECTIVES: fire breathing, frost breathing, flaming, electric, automatic, deadly, explosive.

I thought these were cool words

FORCE FIELD: a protective barrier that no one can penetrate ( I suggest putting the word immortal
before it so it isn't destroyed ) ZANBATO: a really friggin big sword that looks really awesome
NATHAN: a guy who looks like he belongs in the UNSC, seriously
CLONED DWARVEN HYDRA: keep spawning it and trashing it until you have an empty Item budget
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