US Cabinets are a joke.

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  3. US Cabinets are a joke.

User Info: DivineJammno

8 years ago#1
150+ MS delay and the pads really suck.

Seriously, how'd this get mass released, and how are arcades dumb enough to buy it?

Okay, so there's a massive delay when you step on the arrows, thanks to the HD Screen. Supposedly there's a patch once the arcade subscribes to the monthly fee for eAmusement. Money grubbing pricks. -_-

Seocndly, the pads require a ton of pressue to even register. I'm 165 and I can stand with my full body weight on a hold arrow and I will miss it. It's ridiculous.

Avoid this game at all costs.
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User Info: rlionheart89

8 years ago#2

Are you the same jammno from ytmnd with the weird teeth?
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  3. US Cabinets are a joke.

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