Tempted to get this, but a few Q's first.

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User Info: Justice98405

3 years ago#1
I'm playing the 360 version's trial, and it's really tough, but kinda fun, like Binding of Isaac, that I recently bought off Steam.

I'm gonna get the Vita/PS3 version I think, if I get the game at all, but this version's board has the most recent post, so I thought I'd try here.

The ghost that seems to appear if you take too long in a level, does that ALWAYS happen? Can you kill it/make it stop showing up?

And the stone traps that shoot an arrow when you get level with them, aside from going around them or falling past them at the right distance to not be hit, are there other ways to avoid/trigger/get past that trap?
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User Info: Virtuoso3001

3 years ago#2
The ghost is a topic often brought up by new players. Once you get used to the controls and flow of the game it isn't an issue. It shows up in 2 minutes and 30 seconds after the start of each level which is plenty of time without rushing (speed runners average about 10-15 seconds per level). You cannot kill it although the camera item will freeze the ghost for a second if you are in close range and take a photo. The main strategy for getting high scores is to get the ghost to fly over gems which turns them into diamonds (worth $5000 each) so it's a large part of the game.

You can trigger arrow traps by:
- dropping items off a ledge
- throwing items from above or below the arrow trap
- whipping gold/gems off a ledge
- triggering the trap with a rope
- using a bomb/mattock to destroy the arrow trap
- luring enemies to trigger the trap
- ***whipping the arrow (pros only)
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