Blast away or deform the ground?

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User Info: acem77

8 years ago#1
Blast away or deform the ground?
Can it be done?
I think if not that has to almost destroy the game making the original death tank zwei better.
I have been playing the original DT and DTz since it was released on the Saturn.
Too bad the 360 does not support more than 4 controllers locally.
Nothing more fun than having 7 friends over playing the game.
I wonder a ps3 ver will be released supporting 7 player since the ps3 can have 7 local controllers at once using the Bt protocol.

User Info: st0nefry

8 years ago#2
Yes the ground is destructible.

We actually rigged up two 360s connected to live in the same room to play 6 players. Everybody played on the big screen, some people had to buy weapons on their own screen. It worked really well.

We have also been playing DTz since it was released and DTz and DT for Xbox are each fun in their own way. I don't think we'll ever stop playing the original.

User Info: alphazice

8 years ago#3
You can do local matches with up to 4 players and 4 cpu; just do it under "create game".

User Info: betakaz

8 years ago#4
The ground is destructible but no where nearly as much as the Saturn flavors.

Still I don't see this as a bad thing, I thought the original was 'too' destructible.
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