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User Info: reborn1223

8 years ago#1
So apparently, the case is that since there was many complaints its not going to happen till the guy gets oer some idiots complainin?

User Info: soma2035

8 years ago#2
Really? I heard the case was that he moved on from Pokemon, and started dedicating his time to school.

Maybe you should just learn to play the game without a wondermail generator...
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User Info: Sytherantis

8 years ago#3
Honestly, I wouldn't mind a wondermail generator for this game eventually. After sinking over 200 hours into the game, the generator was a cool way to turn it into more of a sandbox experience. I assembled many teams of characters from my PMD fanfiction.

But it would be perfectly fine with me if it didn't come out in, say, a year from now. Wondermail generator isn't as bad as an A-OK generator, but it's about half as bad: rewards for rescues don't mean anything anymore, and neither does crawling through the depths of Zero Isle for the rare items, when you can just generate any one you want. I'd like to enjoy the game as it was originally meant to be played for a while before opening it up like that.

User Info: reborn1223

8 years ago#4
Im not exactly looking for it more as im trying to fgure out how he finds all these people ranting and gets mad about it.

User Info: reborn1223

8 years ago#5
a-ok gen? sry i dont know much on this. like i said i dont use any of it.

User Info: Nekane_X

8 years ago#6
Don't like not having one? Make your own. Learn Java.
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User Info: reborn1223

8 years ago#7
to be honest i dont open topics for people 2 rant or lecture me in any way >0>

User Info: nhahtdh

8 years ago#8
Don't like not having one? Make your own. Learn Java.
It's Javascript in which he wrote the program for making A-OK and WM gen.

There's a component file which I suspect contain the instruction to create a WM, but I can't understand the crap inside.
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