Action replay Code to make wondermails

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User Info: zetsu345

8 years ago#1
Here is the code and an explination on how to edit it.

Here it is:

94000130 FFFB0000
022B0000 0000ZZ00
122B7014 0000WWXX
122B7018 00000000
022B701C 0UUU0000
122B7020 00000TTT
222B7026 0000000S
122B7028 00000RRR
022B702C 000000QQ
D2000000 00000000

In the spot that says zz, would be the mission type. Replace it with one of the following:

02-escort to client
03-Explore with client
04-Prospect with client
05-Guide Client
06-Find Item
07-Deliver Item
08-Search for Client (Floor # is not shown)
09-Take back Item from Client
0A-Arrest Client

Where it says ww is where you put the floor # (hex) example floor 10 would be 0A.

Where it says xx is the dungeon that you have to go to. Here is a partial list (beach cave not included)

03-drenched bluff
04-Mt. Bristle
06-Waterfall Cave
07-Apple Woods
08-Craggy Coast
0A-Mt. Horn

UUU is where you put the HEX number of the Pokemon Client (I.E. 019 for Pikachu)

TTT is where you put the target's HEX #

s is the reward type. You would put one of the codes from below:

1-cash and item
3-multiple items
4-??? (client joins)
5-??? (get egg)
6-??? (client joins) This is the one that I use. the other didn't work

RRR would be the Hex number for the Item that is rewarded or the same hex number as the client.

qq would be restrictions. Use one of these:

01-with normal type partner (I don't know the rest)

Once you put it in and start the game, press "Select" and either go into "Wonder Mail S" then send then password or go into the Jobs option in the game. I usually copy the password down somewhere so I can restart the system without the code, type in the password, and see if it works. It will change the first job in the list or put one in if you don't have one. If you don't save then it will not remove one of your wonder mail and you can type it in.
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User Info: Shuamdom

8 years ago#2
Well thanks for this, but how do we choose what item we want :s?

User Info: drichard2008

8 years ago#3
If you know the hex number of the item that you wanted, you would put it where the RRR is. for example for a wonder gummi it would be 088. If you want a list of Items and their hex Codes, let me know. I have it.

User Info: Wild_Hot_Riolu

8 years ago#4
We need the hex list for item and pokemon.
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User Info: nhahtdh

8 years ago#5
Pokemon HEX List somewhere in those last pages
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User Info: Shuamdom

8 years ago#6
If you could post the item hex list, drichard, it would be greatly appreciated ;D

User Info: frogreturns

8 years ago#7
Are you working on a generator, zetsu345?
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User Info: motsinaction

8 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: reborn1223

8 years ago#9

User Info: mastersord

8 years ago#10

I'd like to think my block is a little more complete. Anyway, where does your code show up? Also you might have a typo on the first line and possibly the last line. Your first line is too far away from the rest of the addresses.
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