How do you get shaymin?

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User Info: Trowa190

8 years ago#1
sorry if its a stupid question but when do we get shaymin?and where?thx in advance

User Info: Doomsday Forte

Doomsday Forte
8 years ago#2
Beat the game and graduate from the guild. One of the post-story bits talks about Shaymin Village and you'll be able to visit and climb the mountain there. Get to the top twice and Shaymin will join you (no fight).

Thankfully, you can skip almost half of the dungeon on your second time up, so it won't be so time-consuming.
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User Info: Trowa190

8 years ago#3
ooohhh im having trouble at the graduatin exam thing....any tips??

User Info: jman12323

8 years ago#4
X-eye Wigglytuff, teach either you or your partner a room-hit move (blizzard would be a good bet). Hope Diglet and Dugtrio don't spam Earth Power (or loudred with stupid confuse ray...)
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User Info: Trowa190

8 years ago#5
my team is riolu and treecko so.....yeah i cant teach any of them a good room attack the only room attack i do have is vacuum cut but its so weak...

User Info: Doomsday Forte

Doomsday Forte
8 years ago#6
Naturally, a lot of Reviver Seeds will help. You can recycle two Escape Orbs for one at the Recycle Shop, and you can find a lot of Escape Orbs in the Marowak Dojo levels.

Let's see...I had Riolu as my partner and Eevee as the leader. I think Loudred is the most threatening because he can confuse, which may not be dangerous to your partner, can effectively take him out of the battle for several turns. The best bet is to get as many status effect seeds as you deem necessary. Totter Seeds confuse, Blinker Seeds blind, X-Eye Seeds also blind (I believe), Sleep Seeds cause sleep, and so on. Who usually dies first between the two of you? Treecko at least learns HP-draining moves so you can set him to use mainly those to keep himself alive (and it helps to take out Diglett/Dugtrio). He'll at least be deadly to those two and Corphish, so he may be able to take care of himself.

Oh! I forgot. Stun Seeds. Those petrify for a while. I believe they stay frozen in place until you go to attack, so you can remove someone from the fight temporarily while you gang up on everyone else.

It's an unfair fight, but you can do it! Good luck!
Crimson night & Celsion moon, misfiction, not save the Player is Prayer, yes, Dance Romanesque and unfinished Romancia.

User Info: bigheadkid45

8 years ago#7
OR u can use link moves best bet is to have something like scracth first than a range move. so can do something like quick attack/thunder fang into shockwave. dunt noe the loveset riolu/eeve has at this point so use ur best judgement

User Info: danmiy12

8 years ago#8
i would use violent seed on eevee on the first turn, also stun or sleep seed to take wiggytuff out of the battle for as long as possible hes the most dangerous he spams double slap and try your hardest to take out diglet and his father since they both know earth power which take out in any order you like...
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