action replay codes?

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User Info: ABZB

7 years ago#11
yeah (also from kodewerx)
Master Rank
Enable Storage with Biggest Storage
022AB924 00012FD1

this I think gives you *master rank, which gives you the biggest possible storage.
there are three ranks above that (** and *** and then guildmaster), but they each unlock a new dungeon post-game only, and it gives you something to do achieve
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User Info: RemixDeluxe

7 years ago#12
You've been very helpful I wonder why codejunkies doesn't do codes as good as these anymore. They seem to be the usual "max money" and "infinite HP" you know what I mean.
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User Info: ABZB

7 years ago#13
oh yeah!
I found the ability addresses for the leader and 1rst partner:

021BA588 000000xx
021BA589 000000yy

021BA7C8 000000xx
021BA7C9 000000yy
replace the xx and yy with the desired ability for that pokemon
I think that to get the 3rd and 4th, you add multiples of 0x240 (in hex) to the addresses

the ability hex list is on the above kodewerx page
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User Info: ABZB

7 years ago#14
oops... on second test these are the correct codes:
Ability, Pokemon 1:

021BA58A 0000xxyy

Ability, Pokemon 2:

021BA7CA 0000xxyy

Ability, Pokemon 3:

021BAA0A 0000xxyy

Ability, Pokemon 4:

021BAC4A 0000xxyy

where xx is ability 1's hex and yy is ability 2's hex

so far I have only tested the codes for pokemon 1 and 2
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User Info: Bryon15

7 years ago#15
Wow that's cool. Is there a wild pokemon modifier code? I need vulpix, shinx, turtwig and piplup.
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User Info: ABZB

7 years ago#16
I made them better (I hope):
Ability, Pokemon 1:

121BA588 0000xxyy

Ability, Pokemon 2:

121BA7C8 0000xxyy

Ability, Pokemon 3:

121BAA08 0000xxyy

Ability, Pokemon 4:

121BAC48 0000xxyy

here are the type codes:

Types, Pokemon 1
121BA586 0000XXYY

Types, Pokemon 2
121BA7C6 0000XXYY

Types, Pokemon 3
121BAA06 0000XXYY

Types, Pokemon 4
121BAC46 0000XXYY

XX=type 2
YY=type 1

the type hex are also on kodewerx

also, @ the above poster, you can edit whoever is in the first position in your team with the change leader code on kodewerx (not just your starter)
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User Info: goblinator209

7 years ago#17
Speaking of action replay codes I was wondering if you guys had any clue if anybody made a dungeon text speed code as of late? Most of the websites I've been to no one has it. If anybody can find me the code or at least the link besides the ones on the first page. I would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: dsgreymon

7 years ago#18


User Info: ABZB

7 years ago#19
um... stupid question, you enabled them right? (they should have a check next to them or something like that)
barring that, check to see if you entered the correct values for the changes you want
also, keep in mind that they don't take effect until you enter a dungeon, or go up a floor if you enabled them while in a dungeon
also, please note that sometimes the game freezes with these codes. however this only seems to happen at some but not all cutscenes, and it seems to be the worst when you have a very large pokemon, like rayquaza as a main character (your hero or your partner)
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User Info: ABZB

7 years ago#20
by these codes, I mean the change ability and type codes (the iq skill activate code from kodewerx may also have this effect, all three were enabled when my game froze, and like an idiot I turned them all off instead of experimenting)
the move modifier and pokemon modifier seem to be fine
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