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User Info: NassaDane

6 years ago#1
In this game you can get this for any pokemon right? Even though some places say only Palkia? I don't think i can continue if you can't get Absolute Mover.
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User Info: r0ck01

6 years ago#2
It is only for Palkia unfortunately. For other pokemon to go through walls, you will need them to hold a Mobile Scarf.
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User Info: NassaDane

6 years ago#3
oh my...well i am at the final chapter of the game but i don't think i will be playing it again. That is a huge bummer, there is no reason to play any more...There really should be a sort of warning before you play or something. Dang, and i was enjoying the game so much too.
"Ignorance is Bliss"

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