What's your favorite dungeon?

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User Info: KatyMSM

5 years ago#1
What's your favorite dungeon?

It could be because of the music,atmosphere,items commonly found there, or good exp giving pokemon, etc.

It would be a tie between Marine Resort and Spacial Rift.

Marine Resort because of the amount of gummis there, and has 4 treasure chests at the end, which always has gummis.

Spacial Rift because of awesome music, lots of monter houses with high exp monsters and some gummies there.(well for me at least.

So basically, Marine resort is for gummies, and Spacial Rift is for exp.
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User Info: AngelPeach

5 years ago#2
Hm... this is actually a really hard choice, as I like a lot of the dungeons. But if I have to chose, I pick... the Hidden Land and Temporal Tower.

The first time you go to the Hidden Land, you know that time is running short... so to speak. I really like the atmosphere of this dungeon. The boss fight at the end is also a nice touch.

Temporal Tower has more reasons however. As before, the atmosphere pulls me in. Having to climb a tower of the verge of collapse... there is just something about that. I also love the music in the area. It just fits so well.

That's not to say that Spacial Rift doesn't have atmosphere or anything, because it does! However, I just prefer the Hidden Land and Temporal Tower more.

User Info: keepsilent01

5 years ago#3
Marine Resort for gummies
Temporal Tower for Music
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User Info: FefnirOmega13

5 years ago#4
Sky Peak. It's about average in length (35 floors total) and the story-esque moments as you're climbing it for the first time are cool, but I really enjoyed the boss battles where you teamed up with Frontier to fight the Carnivines and Grimer/Muks. It felt much more like a genuine exploration than the expedition to Fogbound Lake did, in my opinion, what with all the pokemon you meet on the way up. Plus there's an Ampharos there. The Secret Bazaars there are also a godsend for stat-maxing pokemon. A shame it empties and most people leave later on, since it's a cool place, and easily my most favourite in the game bar none.

Special mention goes to Marine Resort, but it can't match Sky Peak IMO.
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User Info: jimmyjones69

5 years ago#5
Any of the Zero Isles. The name just sounds cool and I've spent most of my time in them. Temporal Tower would be a close second tho. I couldn't wait to go toe-to-toe with Dialga (I love epic boss fights.)
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