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User Info: Lindsay

5 years ago#11
Kuukais post makes me sad. Still so much stuff I don't and may never know ;.;

Also Links gameplay wasn't bad for me. Low tier yet still fun enough ta keep bringing me back for more every now an then.
The rise & fall of .hack in the west:

User Info: Lonerwise

5 years ago#12
I like my physical game library, but I would definitely settle for a digital download only version of the game. And I don't understand Japanese, but I'd still buy it even if all it had was English text and the original Japanese audio. I played Fate/Extra like that and it wasn't all that bad. I don't like how the Western fans are getting treated though. Why would you only release two parts of a trilogy and leave out the ending? It's ridiculous. I'm sick of being ignored. :(
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