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User Info: MeCarana

4 years ago#1
This FAQ will contain mild spoilers - You have been warned.

Please do not post until I have finished. I'll say when. Thanks!
Please request sticky.

Most of the information here I gathered myself from playing the game and reading forums. I made it because when I started playing, there were many aspects I didn't really understand and eventually managed to figure out by browsing the internet. The purpose of this FAQ is to gather all the information I could, and have it available at the same place for people looking for it.

However I believe it is important to credit Rillania for her chapter 2-4 walkthrough. I didn't copy anything from her guide, but I linked to it because it's a more accurate walkhtrough than I could ever do. In addition, this thread is not a walkthrough, but rather a quick FAQ to help you figure out what you need to do in the game, and explain more complex aspects of it. Rillania, if you wish, you can use any information on this FAQ for your blog, rewrite, it whatever you want.

Walkthrough by Rillania for Chapter 2 3 4: http://digitalvncloud.blogspot.ca/2013/09/yumina-ethereal-walkthrough-work-in.html

Yumina is quite a long game. Unlike Kara no Shojo, your own choices does not prevent you to get to the end, but choosing the good sequence of events during Chapter 2-4 makes it easier it's corresponding Chapter Boss. Beyond that, you can choose what you want, but you can miss good skills. In Kara, you had to do the exact sequence at the exact time so a walkthrough was almost necessary.

As Yumina is quite a complex game, so I have not tested everything. Please correct me if I have made a mistake.

In addition, this only covers the base game released by Jast USA. Please support the official release.

System: PC
Developer: Jast
Play time: 40+ hours

Yumina is an 18+ Eroge Visual Novel with regular RPG elements and dungeon crawling. The battle system may remind some of Paper Mario. Yumina, after missing an exam, has to re-do her second year... unless she becomes school President and changes the rules. Helped by Kirara of the debate club, she and her friend Ayumu undertake the quest of beating the crap out of the other clubs to come out on top.

How is the hentai?
Some static CGs, nothing very exciting, easy to miss. You'll see at least three during one playthrough. You'll be disappointed if you come into this for the porn. The game would have been excellent without the porn, and I would have purchased it anyway.

User Info: MeCarana

4 years ago#2
1: Character Routes and True Ending

There are three difficulties: Normal, Hard, Very Hard. You finish one and continue into the next, like a New Game +.

There are three routes and one side route. The girl routes are: Yumina, Kirara, Ai. You must do the three routes in three subsequent playthroughs, or New Game +. This means that after you clear a route, instead of plainly making a new game to try another (doing it this way won't net you the true ending), you must instead reload your Clear Data and choose the next difficulty. Choose another girl route when you can (see section 1.2 to choose your girl route).

The side route is The Ordacle, the training world. It spans the entire game and continues in your New Game +. When you go into training, you meet Veridiana and other characters from Midorstan and you get a Main Quest from them (usually, sometimes it's from Kirara) that you need to finish. It is usually located When you finish it, there is a conclusion and next time you go in the Ordacle, they will give you another Main Quest.

Past a certain point in the Ordacle storyline, the game will tell you to continue in hard. At this point you can stop training and clear your girl's route. It's a limit to prevent you from overleveling.

Basically, you keep doing the Ordacle on the side while you advance the Main Story for each route. It can be done at your own pace, but you will need to fully clear it to see the True Ending.
I assume that once you have fully clear the side route, you will have to clear the current girl route you're on, to make it register as complete (and then unlock the True Ending).

Side quests are not mandatory but can net you extra bag space, money, or items.

To get the true ending, you must complete every girl route and the Ordacle Side-Route by making subsequent New Game + in harder difficulty using your clear data for instance:

Normal Clear with Kirara, finished Normal Ordacle Main Quests -> use clear data for new game + -> Hard Clear with Ai Route, finished Hard Ordacle Main Quests -> use hard clear data for new game + -> Very Hard Clear with Yumina Route and all Very Hard Ordacle Main Quests.

Each cleared route gives you an item, which you then take in the next difficulty and clear a new route.

The True Ending is supposed to appear on the main menu once the following has been achieved:

Cleared Yumina, Kirara and Ai Routes
Cleared Ordacle Side Route
Cleared Normal, Hard, Very Hard Girl Final Boss

--1.2: How to choose your path--

In Chapter 2, 3, 4, between day 5 and 6 you have a day off, which isn't numbered, in which you can visit a girl. The girl you visit twice will be your path from chapter 5 and on.

--1.3: Getting all CG--

Replay chapter 1-4 in whatever difficulty and instead of doing a sequence for skills, do the events you didn't do. Do them all, then clear the game quickly, avoid training, use Left CTRL to skip text. Some CGs could be in specific event chains, have a look at Rillania's alternate event sequence routes.

--1.4: Getting all chapter skills--

Same as CGs, replay each difficulty and use Rillania's walkthrough to all sequences you didn't do yet in that difficulty. Use CTRL to skip text and clear the game. Do it again in normal until you have every skill for every character for every chapter, then move on to doing this in Hard then Very Hard.

User Info: MeCarana

4 years ago#3
2: Getting Chapter skills & Chapter progression Events

During Chapter 1 to 4 you have 10 days to do events, you can do two events per day.
The Day off you can choose to visit a girl and the one you visit twice will be the route you will undertake from Chapter 5 and forward.

-Chapter 1 has an exact amount of events. You can't really miss a single one, but don't go in the clubroom meeting unless you absolutely have to, i.e. there are no other events you can do during the day. You should get Endeavour Mind for Ayumu, scaled to your difficulty level.

-Chapter 2,3,4 has had a walkthrough made, give Rillania credit and here is the link: http://digitalvncloud.blogspot.ca/2013/09/yumina-ethereal-walkthrough-work-in.html

She wrote the sequences of events you need to do to get the various skills, so have a look. In hard, you can do the even sequence again to get a better version of those skills (for instance in hard you'll get Level 4 Endeavour Mind from Chapter 1, Level 4 Sister Blade from Chapter 2, Level 5 Independant Heart from Chapter 3, etc. unlike normal where you all get them at level one or two).

Skills shouldn't affect routes and ending, but makes it easier to down the bosses during Chapter 2-4. Choose wisely. The walkthrough also tells you when you can train, use that time to advance the Ordacle Main Quests. You have plenty of time after Chapter 4 to finish up the Ordacle, so don't worry about it. As long as you finish one Main Quest every time you go to the Ordacle, you're good.

Never go to the shop just to go to the shop. It wastes a day. Go to the shop before going to the Ordacle, and after logging out of the Ordacle.

-Chapter 5 and onward After Chapter 5 you end up in space and eventually get in control of your schedule again. You have plenty of time to do every single event, as long as you follow this order of priority:

ED fights -> Character Events -> Training

You'll need Ai's Null Silencer and Kirara's Chain Stasis for some bosses, mostly the ED Carrier Boss. As soon as you can access Training in Space, go buy those skills, but you don't need them until the first space Chapter Boss (Chapter 6 boss I believe).

Like always, only go into training if there is no other even available and never go to the shop just to hit the shop. Go train at the same time!

ED fights give you more Exp than training, but training nets you money.

User Info: MeCarana

4 years ago#4
3: How to kill the ED Carrier

Ayumu should have good items equipped. Two +Logic + Spirit (Hands) Equipment, 1 Spirit Logic Defense Equipment (Wilds Legs, for instance, or better). If you take too much damage, get three Wild Legs or better.

Other characters should only have offense items during space battles as they cannot get hit.

Kirara must have Chain Stasis lvl 3. Chain Stasis only blast blast skills aimed at a backyard and will not blast skills without the blast Effect. More in section 4.
Ai must have Null Silencer lvl 3 and Hydroblaster lvl 3, and the Convergeance ability at Level 5. It's located in the middle top of the three, inherited from Hydroblaster.
Those three skills can be purchased after doing an Ordacle Mission.

Turns goes as follow for the beginning - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH BLACK AND BLUE audience rating to avoid a fumble.
Fumble are done when you set up an attack, but an attack with higher priority (such as enemy's Pyrosplit or Ai's Hydroblaster) use audience rating. Having a lower audience rating than needed, your attack won't start. More in section 4.

The usual sequence for when he doesn't heal is:

Ayumu: Attack - Ideally, Red or green, black if enough to avoid a fumble.
Yumina: Heal or wait. Avoid fumble if Ayumu doing green attack.
Ai: Hydroblaster -> Will be countered by ED Carrier
Kirara: Chain Stasis -> Will counter ED carrier Counter, allowing Hydroblaster to blast the enemie's skill.

At some point, he will heal. The Heal is a continuous effect that continues every turn without him using a square, that you need to break with Null Silencer.

The sequence for the turn after he healed is:

Ayumu: Attack - Red or Green. Black if enough to avoid a fumble.
Yumina: Heal or wait. Avoid fumble if Ayumu doing green attack.
Ai: Null Silencer -> Will be countered by ED Carrier
Kirara: Chain Stasis -> Will counter ED's counter -> Null Silencer will then cancel the healing.

User Info: MeCarana

4 years ago#5
4: The Battle System

You have four characters and each is assigned a color. Ayumu is Red, Yumina is Green, Kirara is Black and Ai is Blue.

At the top you have four bar that always (most of the time) equals a total, which is divided un-equally between all four colors. You can only do an action with a character for which assigned bar has enough rating for the action. Akashima Calibur lvl 1 requires 15 red audience, you can't do it if you have 14.

There is a notion called FUMBLE that is important to understand. An attack is fumbled if after you've queued it, an enemy attack with more priority uses up audience assigned to your attack, and that at the moment your attack should go off, there is less audience availbale than required.

You can make your character fumble your other characters in certain cases, mostly space battles in the Radiant Frame.

You won't see your backyard's fumbled attacks, but they won't go off if they don't have enough audience once it's their turn.

In practice, don't use a certain color forward against an enemy that queues the same color as chances are that it'll attack first. For instance, a goblin could use Pyrosplit and Harsh Words against Ayumu, and reduce the audience rating under the amount you need to attack.

In space, you can make yourself Fumble if you queue Vertical Raise and Hydroblaster and that the enemies use something that will activate Hydroblaster. Hydroblaster will go off before Vertical Rise to interrupt the enemy, and if you don't have enough blue audience for both skills, Vertical Rise will fumble.

You also have a certain amount of squares. Certain attacks requires two squares, most require one. When you change your forward, two squares are greyed out. When you keep the same forward for a few turns in a row, you get a fifth square.

Changing your forward with a skill with the effect that moves a character from the backyard to forward or from the forward to backyard doesn't grey out squares. Yumina's Healing All spells are best with this effect.

There are two types of attack: Logic and Spirit. Ayumu and Yumina use Spirit and Ai and Kirara use Logic. Later on they pretty much get skills that use Logic & Spirit at the same time, or the type they don't typically use.

At the start of a turn they show you what Defense skill the enemy will use. Usually they will defend against only one of the two types. Choose a character that can attack with the type they won't defend against. Near the Engage button, there is a Defense button, you can click it and see what type. of attack the enemy will use during it's offensive turn. Choose a skill that can guard against that type.

You can have two defense skills equipped at any time. Each character has 4 different they can buy, and more from girl routes. Three of them defend against a high amount of one type, either Spirit or Logic and the type is always the same regardless of the skill. Only the amount changes. The fourth one defends against Spirit and Logic (dual defense skill), but not as much as the other three toward character specific type defense. Route/chapter dual defense defense skills, however, will usually offer as much defense for BOTH types as a purchasable solo defense type skill.

Here is the type each character defends best again with their solo type defend skill

Ayumu: Spirit
Yumina: Logic
Ai: Spirit
Kirara: Logic

Each time you enter a battle they equip the skill in the first defend slot, but you can swap defense skills before choosing an active skill, regardless of the character's position. It will reset to the first skill when the battle is over, so endgame I like to put Route Dual Defense skills in the first slot.

User Info: MeCarana

4 years ago#6
Estimating the resulting damage of your attack on the enemy

On the summary page when you start a battle, you'll automatically have Active Skills Selected. On the right you can see your characters, on the left, the enemy.

The enemy forward will have a defense skill selected. Usually you attack the forward anyway, so let's just go with this for the example.

Here is the enemy I'm currently fighting

Royal Statue level 37
Defense Skill: Twin Resistance level 4
Logic: 180 Spirit 600
Logic DMG 549, Spirit DMG 583

And here is the attack I chose to do:

Active Skill: End of Desperado Level 4
Logic: 928 Spirit: 0
Logic DMG: 3641 Spirit DMG: ---

Okay, so this defense skill does 583 spirit damage, or your attack will do 583 spirit damage? But your attack says it does 928 spirit damage, or no, wait, 3641 DMG?

The logic & spirit attributes (the 180, 600, and 928 ones) is just a quick lookup to see what skills are better than others.

What matters here is the Logic DMG and Spirit DMG numbers, those in the thousands. On a defense skill, they mean the amount of damage reduced by the defense skill if it isn't fumbled (even

so it's written DMG, it's really DMG reduction). On an active/attack skill, they mean the amount of damage you skill will do before reduction.

I made up a quick formula that is NOT 100% accurate, but from my different tries it had a variation of more or less 1000 dmg.

(Your Forward Active Logic DMG - Enemy Defense Skill Logic DMG) + (Your Forward Active Spirit DMG - Enemy Defense Skill Spirit DMG) = damage done

Estimating the resulting damage the enemy's attack on you

Click on "Defense Skills" at the bottom right. You'll see this

Royal Statue level 37
Active: Breaking Wave level 4
Logic: 720 Spirit: 450
Logic DMG: 1896 Spirit DMG: 1583

Defense: Black Wall of Repulsion level 3
Logic: 580 Spirit: 580
Logic DMG: 1465 Spirit DMG: 1445

We apply the same formula: (Enemy Active Logic DMG - Kirara Defense Skill Logic DMG) + (Enemy Active Spirit DMG - Kirara Defense Skill Spirit DMG) = damage received
Like before, not 100% accurate, debuffs and buffs makes damage vary, variation of more or less 1000 damage from my rough estimates.

User Info: MeCarana

4 years ago#7
Making money

Level 1-25 you may be a bit broke following Rillana's walkthrough. Use your money to buy skills and sell all materials. Sell useless equipment, and identify all equipment, unless if you see after a few identifies that it usually sells for less than the identify cost, stop and sell it as is.

Item storage is your friend. Whatever you put in storage from the Ordacle can be accessed from the real world. So you go in dungeons, when your pack is full, go to the Warehouse, empty your bag, and go back to farming. When exiting the Ordacle, sell what you have on yourself, then access storage from the shop menu, and sell those things.

At level 25 (maybe 30, but I think it's 25) you get four quests that net you around 30K YP each, just take them from the Tavern, exit the tavern for a sec, then enter it again to turn them in (don't leave the Ordacle). They're reward quest for leveling your characters. Use that money to buy level 3 skills.

Past level 30 I only did fights I was forced to (purple distortion in my way) and I was sitting at 500K steady. Only thing I purchased was skill upgrades. Identify accessories and sell those that are useless to your playstyle, they sell for a lot of money past level 30.

Identify skills before buying any when upgrading, it can save you a lot of money if you get a level 4 you intended to buy. And like I said, some skills can only be gained via identify skills. The identify cost is cheap.

User Info: MeCarana

4 years ago#8
You can now post.

If you have questions, please ask, and I will reply to the best of my ability.

User Info: MeCarana

4 years ago#9
There are a few mistakes in the above... not enough to matter, but I'll throw information and correction in this thread as it goes. Make sure to look at the comments in Rillania's blogspot as you can find a wealth of information I didn't post here:


For instance, getting a character path requires choosing her during the holidays AND getting her skill in chapter 2, 3 and 4. Check out Rillania's walkthrough, she shows you how to get Yumina's, Ai and Kirara's chapter skills. Sometimes it requires you to do an alternate route, missing Ayumu's skill (thinking about chapter 4 especially)

There is a graduation ending that you can get by choosing a different girl at every holiday, and spending all the other days in the shop. The point is not to get any skill. You don't go to space after Nayuta.

User Info: Sonicjosh

4 years ago#10
Thanks for posting this. I was wondering if there was a true ending or not. It kind of sucks that the three separate playthroughs couldn't just be done on normal mode though.
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