Why was Mini Ninjas so overlooked?

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User Info: ninjateacup

7 years ago#1
I'm assuming it's because it is short? It's really fun and is totally a throw back to the N64 platformer adventure games.

Definitely worth the $30 price tag. Short, but really fun. Perfect for me, the casual gamer who doesn't get a lot of solid game time.
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User Info: walker70

7 years ago#2

The review summarizes it best. It is a very fun and lighthearted game that has a few quirks, the camera being being the chief among them, that make the game tiresome by the time you are done. (Though maybe not for you if you are only playing for a few minutes every few days.) My biggest gripe is that there isn't too much reason to play any of varied characters that are available. Other than Futo, who was vital for taking out the big samurai, I used Hiro for the entire game. I did so mainly because his red orb attack was too powerful to switch to any of the other characters. Still, it was enjoyable enough that I have finished the game which is not something I usually do. I would recommend to others as well, with the caveats above. Enjoy!

User Info: DaGhOsT187

7 years ago#3

no advertising ~ and its good , But not good enough to be Like lost souls,Where it cant be denied

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