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List of games with superpowers (Request sticky)

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User Info: kommerbbb2

5 years ago#1
Hi! i've come to discover that MANY people who play's these kind of "superhero" alike games, but not with a character as BATMAN, but as a being with special abilities, goes out next after completing their game, and entering a sort of "desperat" search on the web for OTHER cool games where your character has special abilities/superpowers... so now im gonna make a list for "type of people" to pick from...>:) ;)

you may all add games i haven't mentioned that you think can come in handy to others.


1. infamous. [ps3]
2. prototype. [ps3/xbox360]
3. prototype 2(not out yet) [ps3/xbox360]
4. second sight. [pc/ps2/xbox/Gc]
5. Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. [pc/ps2/xbox]
6. singularity. [pc/ps3/xbox360]
7. crackdown. [xbox360]
8. crackdown 2. [xbox360]
9. wild 9. [Psone]
10. infamous 2. [ps3]

that's all i can remember for NOW...
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