Magic cards worth any money?

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User Info: HeartbreakKid37

8 years ago#1
I have a ton of cards from when I was younger... dunno if any of them are worth anything though. I'll post some.

heres a list of rares i have in a binder. I have more probably shoe boxed

Avatar of Will
Force of Nature
Greater Good
Pernicious Deed
Cave of Koilos
Llanowar Wastes
Yavimaya Coast
Shivan Reef
Time Spiral
Penumbra Wurm
Captain Sisay
Eladamri's Call
Tangle Wire
Quirion Dryad x2
Phyrexian Arena
Urza's Guilt
Laquatus's Champion
Mystic Snake
Lightning Angel
Legacy Weapon

heres a list of foils

Coalition Honor Guard
Gaea's Skyfolk
Tranquil Path
Cetavolver (also rare)
Flowstone Charger
Sheild Dancer
Defender of Chaos
Cackling Witch
Kill Switch (also rare)
Drake-Skull Cameo
Endbringer's Revel
Orim's Touch
Vine Trellis
Mountain x2

I completely understand if you don't wanna read through that, but that is just what I have in a binder and are pretty well taken care of. I have maybe 1,000 or so cards in a shoebox. Maybe I should ebay this stuff.
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User Info: BriboBaggins

8 years ago#2
I know a few are at least worth a couple dollars... if you go to a site like, you can check what prices other places sell them for.

User Info: eviljet

8 years ago#3
There are search engines out there that tell you aggregate market values, high and low prices, etc.

Also, there are some card shops that buy cards and if you email them a list of cards they will make an offer. Google that stuff.
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User Info: infinitexx

8 years ago#4
You need to know what set they are from to know how much they're worth. There are some alpha cards worth a nice bit, sealed packs go for several hundred.
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User Info: Jackel86

8 years ago#5
The lands are worth a good bit. Probably around $5-$10, the Morphling is probably worth a little, but the Pernicious Deed is worth a ton. Somewhere around $40 I think. I briefly considered duping you into thinking it was ok but that I was looking for one and get it cheap, but that would be a dick move.
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User Info: AdamBueller

8 years ago#6
I haven't played this game with real cards in almost 10 years, is the Beta edition Black Lotus still worth like $5,000?
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User Info: Cage1917

8 years ago#7
this site might be able to help

User Info: Avenger1324

8 years ago#8
I still have my old cards somewhere in the loft. Last played about 10 years ago so I guess many of the cards are no longer printed as the editions and rules changed. Might have to dig them out and see what they go for on ebay

User Info: gieter333

8 years ago#9
i play and lanawar waste is about 10 and you can check the rest at starcitygames . com

User Info: gieter333

8 years ago#10
srry for double post the llanawar waste are 5

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