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User Info: HyperResonance

7 years ago#1
I really do not get why they didn't make this doable over Xbox Live. As is, I am sitting here using 2 controllers playing the co-op campaign by myself trying to beat it for the achievements, and it is not very fun.

Unlocking all of the cards isn't so bad, as I do not mind playing the game a bunch to get them, since I enjoy the game anyway. Just wish they'd have made the co-op campaign playable on LIVE.

Also, I am not able to change my background under customization, even though it seems like there should be more than one option, since the right arrow is lit up. Any reason for this?
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User Info: JTfire

7 years ago#2
i didnt find the co-op very fun at first then i got used to it and found 2 decks i liked and i quite ejoy it hoping next patch they add online co-op and 2v2 online battles!
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