So, is it broken or not? Before I buy.

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  3. So, is it broken or not? Before I buy.

User Info: rezpatriot

7 years ago#1

I would like to play online and singleplayer, i am not worried about deck construction, but I have actually heard that multiplayer is broken and "you often freeze" whilst playing games. Is this true ? Was this true has this been fixed in an update?


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User Info: WG4F_is_win

7 years ago#2
Freezing isn't usually a problem but if you plan on playing it much then it's definitely gonna happen eventually.

User Info: BIadeBIade

7 years ago#3
This game is more like a series of glitches than an actual game. It ends up playable far less often than it crashes.
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User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
7 years ago#4
I don't know what HE'S talking about. I play 4 player and 2 player matches often and it glitches, but not that much. Maybe 1 out of 10 matches... Definitely annoying, but not game breaking...
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User Info: Zelkyplant

7 years ago#5
The game rarely crashed for me. had it happen maybe 10 times at most in about 400 games.

User Info: dellsharpie

7 years ago#6
^^^^^ Yeah Im in around the same. The crashes and glitches usually come packs though, 2 here, 3 there, but sometimes you can go weeks without any issues.

User Info: Dujas

7 years ago#7
Most of the freezes I see are at the start of a 3 or 4 player match, which can be prevented. Most people have an achievement called spellslinger. If you have the achievement, a little logo will show up next to your name. Someone without the logo in front of their name is the first sign of a problem. Players that will cause the game to freeze will not show a spellslinger logo or a lit ready light. You can take the time to see if such a player actually has the spellslinger achievement, but it takes a long time and even if they don't in fact have it, there's a chance the game will still freeze. You won't know for sure until the game goes to a loading screen without all the ready lights being lit and without a 5 second countdown. The best course of action may just be to wait a few seconds to see if they'll turn on their ready light, then leave if they don't.

Now the part that truly sucks is finding a game. Try joining a match and quite often you'll get "There was an error connecting to the game." If you selected quick game, you'll be taken back to the menu. That's all right, I didn't really want to play anyway. How about trying to connect to another game?

Even when you don't get an error, it seems quite often now the host has no intention of selecting ready. I kind of wonder if this is a bug. I've had someone send me a message telling me to select ready when I was in a match with someone else.

Also annoying is when quick matches try to connect you to a 2 headed giant match, which unfortunately requires 2 players on the same Xbox. Of course, you can use 2 controllers to play, but you'll need to unlock stuff for a second profile. And you may not have a second controller, forcing you to back out, kicking you to the main menu. Quick matches often keep trying to reconnect you to the same game over and over again. Selecting a custom match isn't much better.

Of course, it can be rather addictive once you do find a match.

User Info: TheBeastWithin

7 years ago#8
There are a lot of bugs and glitches, but I wouldn't say that multiplayer is "broken". Maybe 5% of the games you play will freeze if you play 1 v 1 (I can't speak to any free for all games because I think they are awful and don't play them). That's not including the times when you will meet ill mannered players who continuously pause the game, stall, or exploit an unlimited pause glitch. That happens a bit more often.
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User Info: dannyaq

7 years ago#9
the game still does glitch out acoassionally, but not nearly as much as it used to before all the patches. Not enough to dissuade you from buying the game anyway. be aware though there are a few annoying design decisions (as opposed to glitches), like the game deciding what lands to tap in a multi color deck instead of you being able to choose, ot people being able to stall the game when they are sore losers.
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User Info: imperial_agent

7 years ago#10

I only play 4 player matches and about 1 month ago it used to freeze up 50% of the time. It was intolerable.

Now, it seems to be working much more consistently, but it does it caught in turn-loops and progression breaking cycles. It's only about 1/10 times now... but it can be seriously maddening when you're about to win (or think you'll win).

However, I'm more likely to get buggy games since I player bigger games.

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