How do I beat Sorin Markov?

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User Info: FalconTires

6 years ago#1


User Info: Imbackhahahaha

6 years ago#2
Burn it away with Heat
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User Info: Freezing_Knight

6 years ago#3

with good luck, hahaha!!!

u can use:

Heat of Battle

Hands of Flame

Wings of Light (voice of all and paladin en vec)

if u have exp 3

Root of the Firemind

User Info: Hortey

6 years ago#4

Yea this is the only guy I've been on for so long. I always play on the hardest difficulty and I wanna finish the campaign before the next game releases next wednesday... but I've been on him for EASILY more than half a year. I've used all of my favorite decks and am now trying heat, It is unusual for him NOT to have me below half health and be above 30 by the time I'm putting out my first or second card.

There was one time I almost beat him with blue/white but I didn't draw a single creature in 13 rounds so I couldn't defend myself vs his 1/1. And another time where I almost beat him but he brought out the "your healing damages the opposing player" card which killed me in one round thanks to his vamps.

I really like the game, but this guys deck seems to be broken. You can tell it's too broken to be in the game when it isn't a usable deck after beating him. At least in archenemy you get 3 people to take them down, this guy is 1 to 1 with a deck vastly superior deck to any that they let you use. It feels like being in a fight with both my arms and legs tied together, while my trainer spits and me and whips me from the sidelines.

User Info: BIadeBIade

6 years ago#5
Hortey posted...
You can tell it's too broken to be in the game when it isn't a usable deck after beating him.

You're not too bright, are you?

I cleared every battle in the campaign with Teeth. The eventual perfect hand wins any game.
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User Info: konokonohamaru

6 years ago#6
Heat of Battle can beat Sorin quite easily, since most of Sorin's creatures are low toughness, and he has a bunch of creature-killers that are more or less wasted against Heat of Battle.

As a general rule though, understand which of his creatures are the biggest threats. The Vampire leader is obviously a big threat, as well as anything with 2+ power and lifelink (nighthawks, the 2/1 non flying guy)

If you only have a few burns in hand, it's worth letting him poke you with 1/1's and 2/2's for a while and save your burns for the bigger threats. You can always wait for a pyroclasm to clear away his field of creatures later.
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User Info: JonBonZuki

6 years ago#7
FalconTires posted...

To beat Sorin, you'll need to use a good deck and have some luck on your side.

I recommend using Heat of Battle or Ears of the Elves. These decks seem to have enough powerful, low casting cost cards that can keep up with Sorin and prevent you from getting overwhelmed. It helps to have unlocked as many of the sideboard cards as you can before going in.

Other than that, just keeping playing again and again until you win.
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User Info: Fluffles87

6 years ago#8
Black wins pretty easily. Just turtle in and fend him off with Royal Assassins, the 1 damage pinger, or with Underworld dreams.
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