small trophy guide ("possible spoiler warnings")

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User Info: dargondarkfire

6 years ago#1
i'm bored with psn down, so i thought i would make a quick trophy guide.

first a few notes.
the trophy info is coppied from the list on the cheat page Contributed By: Guard Master, Mookiethebold, and JagDogger2525.

some game info.
their are various vehicles/mounts in the game, some make traveling much easier, some are required to get around some game levels, humans for instance are slow in water thus a boat will get you around faster in areas full of water, a note that even thou the boat has a weapon system visible on it, you can't use it.

what you pick for your character at the start doesn't change anything except your character's voice, and as far as i know there is only a male and female voice. you have a slew of different races and variations to them, pick what you want. i think this was a nice touch by the game devs, but possible to much effort. also the armor you wear has different looks based on gender(female versions often looks skimpier.)

at the end of the first level you will be given a choice of which faction to join, which character you attack determines which side you join and decided who you first boss is. you will stick with this faction the rest of the game.... well if you sided with the human corporation during the second to last level you are tasked with hunting down tribal leaders, one will speak with you and ask you to turn to the navi side.
if your going for the RDA complete do not switch sides.
this points to there being 3 endings. ive only seen 2 of them. navi x navi win, human X human win. i have not seen the human x navi win, i'm not even sure what happens since if you choose human at the start you navi body is killed.

weapons, navi are mostly melee, you can mess around and figure out what you like, i prefer the twin blade like weapons, and mace/hammer types for vehicles and buildings.
humans use variouse fire arms, and the navi have a bow, the bow has 2 types of attacks, fast and strong. if you tap to fire you can get a fair amount of arrows off but they deal almost no damage, if you hold the button down for a second then release the damage dealt is immensity more powerful, 1 held arrow is probably stronger then 15 fast.
the human fire arms are varied, multiple machine guns, a flame thrower, grenade launcher, dual pistols. mess around and figure out what yah like.

equipment you will gain better gear as you level up, you wont notice much difference other then cosmetic looks until you unlock your top line and compare it to the bottom, or at least weapon wise. your armor however will change, you may have a lower level armor that gives more defense and a higher one that's low in defense.

abilities are the same way. each race has a massive area attacks that will kill stuff but its takes time to pull off and you can easily be killed while doing it. thus i recommend using the defense increasing ability before using your area hit. also the human area hit target an area infront of him and drops an air strike, while the navi is a swarm of birds, and bah i could never hit any ai targets with the birds, the birds swoop in and come in a line, and usualy its right on you and the direction they come front is just about random.

you will gain xp as you kill stuff, do missions, complete challenges, and take over zones.

zones you ask? there is a risk type game you can play once you get into level 2, its accessed at your fast travel nodes. you create units, move them to areas you own and try taking over other areas, you have soldier, ground mount and air mount, each has a value and a bonus against other units. you can also build defenses wich cut the power of opposing units that attack your territories in half, the ai can do the same.

User Info: dargondarkfire

6 years ago#2
every teritory awards you xp, some more then others, higher reward territories the ai will heavily guard, you need money to make units, build a base on a territory (thats were you make units) and to build defenses, money is gains by gaining xp, and it builds up slowly. very slowly!

territories have rewards, you gain the rewards when you take it over, and lose some if they get taken away, and if you take it back you only get what you lost back.
rewards are:
attack power
defense power
you can't lose the money or xp you won, but if a teritory you took is taken away and you take it back you wont get the xp or money reward again.

and a note on the creatures of pandora before we begging. the game tells you that the wild life will attack your human form and will leave your navi form alone as long as you don;t attack them. this is true for the ai navi (except for the ones with the RDA control modules on them, navi wont attack them), all wild life that attacks will attack you no matter what side your on once they realise your there, this can make things annoying sometimes.

story line trophies:
(note these are automatically obtained playing threw the game.)

Did we win? (Bronze) Survive the RDA attack in Iknimaya.

Digital Bookworm (Silver) Unlock 20 Pandorapedia articles.
(althou you mainly get articles by scanning things, you can get this by just playing ((i think)) once you beat the game all articles are unlocked, this is probably because some things can only be scanned depending on your faction.) "also some things have articles but the game would not let me scan them i only found them after i beat the game"

Grave's Bog Harmonic (Bronze) Score the harmonic in Grave's Bog.

Harmonic in the FEBA (Bronze) Score a harmonic from the FEBA.

Hasta la vista, Harper (Bronze) Kill Harper in Mist Ridge.

More Tawtute Will Come (Gold) Finish the game on the Na'vi side.

Orientation Day Graduate (Bronze) Complete your first Hell's Gate visit.

Ryder owns Goliath (Bronze) Complete the Plains of Goliath.

Song of Kxania Taw (Bronze) Secure the song in Kxania Taw.

Song of Toruk (Bronze) Secure the song in Toruk

Song of Va'er (Bronze) Secure the song in Va'er

The Battle's Won (Gold) Finish the game on the RDA side.

The First Harmonic (Bronze) Score your first harmonic in Needle Hills.

The First Song (Bronze) Secure the song in the Swotulu

Two-Traitor Clean-up! (Bronze) Kill Langley and Epstein in the Hanging Garden.

War's Begun (Bronze) Complete Blue Lagoon.

User Info: dargondarkfire

6 years ago#3
challenges trophies
these are obtained by doing the challenges in the levels, these can be activate resupply nodes, recover salvage, kill a certain creature (a lot), and usualy obtain a certain amount of xp in a level, and its a lot! xp from teritory wins does count. and these award xp for completing. suposedly you can view your progress on these, i never found how to access that part.

Blue Lagoon Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in Blue Lagoon

Clean Sweep of Pandora (Gold) Complete every Sector Challenge in the game.
yes this means for both RDA human and navi sides, this means 2 play threws.

FEBA Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in the FEBA.

Grave's Bog Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in Grave's Bog.

Hanging Gardens Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in the Hanging Gardens.

Iknimaya Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in Iknimaya.

Kxani`a Taw Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in Kxanìa Taw.

Needle Hills Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in Needle Hills.

Plains of Goliath Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in Plains of Goliath.

Swotulu Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in the Swotulu.

Toruka" Na'ri`ng Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in Torukä Na'rìng.

Va'era" Ramunong Clean Sweep (Bronze) Complete all Sector Challenges in Va'erä Ramunong.

objective trophies
you earn these by meeting a requirement.

Jack of All Skills (Silver) Use every Rank 4 skill 20 times.
this can take awhile, first you have to obtain all of them in "both" faction play threw, rda and navi, then you must use each one 20 times, some you may use alot others never. i recommend you find a corner were no one will bug you and use each one 20 times, mark it on a sheet of paper each time, why? they take time to recharge, some take alot of time.

Turn the Tide (Silver) Claim 50% of all territories.
yep, the risk type game, you must claim atleast 50% of the territories, it has a nice little hud that tells you how much you control, if your not worried about meager bonuses early on you could grind yourself up to max level then have enough money you should be able to steam roll tol 50% with.

Weapon of Choice (Silver) Kill 100 enemies using the dual wasps or the bow.
the wasps are your pistols for thr humans. as a navi you might use the bow alot, as a human the pistols are worthless untill you get the final set the pistols not only have a better attack power, they have a higher fire rate as they level up and the pistols have infinite ammo.

User Info: dargondarkfire

6 years ago#4
online multiplayer trophies
yep multiplayer trophies and one is going to take a long while.

multiplayer notes, navi have no mounts in multiplayer, humans have a dune buggy they can ram you with and they are fairly durable. humans also have exoskeletons with machine guns these things are deadly and can wipe out a group of navi easily, plus they are insanely durable, ammo can not be refilled after ifs use up however.
you may not capture points in vehicles.
on this some notes

if they charge into your base with their mecha and buggies, don't destroy them, they will shortly repawn in their base and they have a fresh unit to use on you. wear them down to a sliver of their hp and leave them, if a human jumps in to one in your base they will usually jump back out as a scratch will mean instant death for them.

a lone navi can take on 5 humans and an exoskeleton at the same time and win, i actualy had to do this as my entire team just kept running into their gun fire.
key is abilities, defense increase, heal, damage increase and area attack and the pole weapon. use the pole to hit multiple target at once and once the humans are down use the mace/hammer weapon on the mech, if the pilot doesn't jump out smash him, if he jumps out, smash him and leave the exo at a sliver.

A God is Upon Us (Silver) Get 10 kills in a row without dying.
this can be easy or near impossible depending on which faction you play and the map.

Bring On All Comers! (Silver) Complete 150 Multiplayer games.
ok this is going to take a long while. the games are not short, and they can be drawn out. you can average 15 minutes to a game, even longer with capture the flag. and thats just the matches, thats not the loading screens or the waiting lobbies, its probably a good 23 minutes per game. thats 3450 minutes thats 57 hours and 30 minutes. however you do not need to play these just complete. you can just sit in spectator mode or join the match and do nothing.

or have a buddy boost dy doing cpture the flag on the smallest least maze like map and just decide for one of you to steal the flag over and over for the win, thus the time matches take is cut down immensely.

Central Focus (Silver) Win 5 'King of the Hill' matches.
easy, win 5 times, but you must have 1 person on each team, if someone joins and quits it does not count.

Destructive Preservation (Silver) As an RDA grunt, reach the end of the timer with 3 intact missiles.
a head ache, you will likely have to boots this, the missiles must be in perfect condition, and althou they take forever to destroy and are easily fixed, its far to easy for someone to scratch a missile at the last second.

Flawless Victory (Silver) Win 3-0 in 'Capture the Flag'.
this can be easy or impossible. i forgot to mention this game has bad auto balancing, in fac there is none! ive had my hole team quit and i was up against 6 people. yes that event i mentioned above, for 40 minutes i guarded my flag from 6 people at once.
id say just see if someone would be filling to boost you for this.

Pandora's Protector (Silver) As a Na'vi warrior, reach the end of the timer with 3 intact crystals.
this is the navi version of the rda one. i recommend just boosting.

The Conqueror (Silver) Win 5 'Capture and Hold' matches.
as with all of these 1 person on each side at the end of the match.

The Enemy's Bane (Silver) Finish a Team Deathmatch with the most kills of either team.
need 1 person on the other team at least. this one was fun hehe.

Pandora Master (Platinum) Unlock all trophies.

there you guys go, and helped me pass the time for an hour and a half.
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