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User Info: TheDutch

5 years ago#1

I am looking for somebody to boost the online Trophies.
I only need these ones for me to get my Platinum trophy, and I realy hope somebody can help me with it.
Also I am hoping I can still get Platinum this year, 2011.
So if you also need these, plz. add me NL_Sion.

User Info: TheDutch

5 years ago#2

I am looking for somebody for 2 months now...... -_-

(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: Nodonn3

5 years ago#5
Never mind.

I got them all legit. Well, except the Flawless Victory one. For that one I simply found a Capture The Flag game where I started alone, scored 2 flags then picked up the 3rd flag. Then I just waited next to my home base for like 5 mins before someone else joined and all I had to do was walk 10 feet into the base for the trophy, too easy lol. :)

Now I just need the 150 games trophy for the Platinum.
"I wear the cheese, it doesn't wear me." The guy with all that cheese (Buffy).

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