How to get on top of tower in Desmond's Dream

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User Info: Kerry_Shirts

7 years ago#1
For some reason, after I chase Maria up to the tower, and the door closes, I try climbing the tower, get to the ledge, and he won't climb up on that long pole sticking out with the light hanging on it. I can't get to the top of the tower. Any ideas on how to get there so I can watch the love making scene and get on with the game? THANKS!

User Info: Takeno98

7 years ago#2
Hop on the railing. Hold R1. Press X.
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User Info: jamesbond64

7 years ago#3
I wonder if the makers of this game did tht on purpose to make us realize how good we have it with Ezio. I rarely have tht prob with Ezio. And they made Altaïr climb slower than me. Aaaw fond memories of climbing up a building for ten minutes when Ezio would take ten seconds. But to answer ur question I just kept jumpin at the pole until good Altaïr realized I want him to hang on...Sweet talk your works LOL
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User Info: KCMmmmm

7 years ago#4
Yeah, I died twice and spent 15 minutes figuring this out. You have to do a wall jump off the door and leap onto the wooden pole. R1 + X onto the wall, then R1 + X in direction of the pole. If this saves just one person from the confusion I dealt with, then it was worth posting.

User Info: otter9685

7 years ago#5
the wall jumping works, that's how i got to the top as well. it was frustrating, died, jumped off into the hay, took a lot of time and trial and error.

User Info: Qazicle

7 years ago#6
You have to use the "Advanced Wall Jump"

You should have already had the tool tip pop up for it at some point earlier in your adventures.
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User Info: ThePedMeister

7 years ago#7
You don't have to do "advanced" anything. Stand under the plank, hold R1 and press X to jump straight up and grab the plank.

User Info: Star99gers

7 years ago#8
People make this so much harder then it needs to be...I don't see how anyone has trouble doing this part anyway...

User Info: GTA4Lyf

7 years ago#9
Yeh none of the above really worked for me, heres what I did after trying trial and error for a good 10 mins. Jump onto the ledge of the balcony. Now move to a corner of the ledge. Turn around and face the wooden plank sticking up. You should be facing it at an angle, neither parrallel or perpendicular to the ledge of the balcony. Then hold R1 and x.
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User Info: GTA4Lyf

7 years ago#10
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