Once worshipped from a distance it now watches and waits

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User Info: emperorrob

7 years ago#1
This is by far the worst puzzle yet. Made absolutely no sense. Must have been crack day at Ubisoft when they made this puzzle.

User Info: bobbyrk

7 years ago#2
No, it makes perfect sense.

What was a focus of a multitude of ancient religions? What watches over us every day?
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User Info: emperorrob

7 years ago#3
While that's true (there also a picture with "worship" in the name) that's nothing the worst part.


How is the aztec calendar stone any more ignored than some of the other image subjects? And a ceiling watches but 1000 eyes doesn't? Also eastern isn't a measure of distance it's an adjective but that's loose enough to match on the word. So you have the "distance" clue matching very loosely on a word but "worship" matches on an idea.

User Info: IRoxxorUrSoxxor

7 years ago#4
The only problem with that puzzle is that several objects appear to be representations of the sun even though they are not.
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User Info: Happygogo

7 years ago#5
Yeah I was able to figure out what the clue was referring to, but even knowing that... some of the pictures were a bit ambiguous and not very distinguishable if they were part of the solution.

User Info: dantheengineer

7 years ago#6
Thuggin, you kind of missed the point. The clue was hinting at the Sun. All of the paintings/pictures were representations of the Sun. I agree with some of the others that it was somewhat difficult to figure out which ones represented the sun and which didn't, as most had a vague circle that may or may not have been a sun. I suppose it required some knowledge of ancient civilizations to do easily, but I only had to guess on one.
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User Info: Laxman816

7 years ago#7

It makes perfect sense. Especially given how the game ends...

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  3. Once worshipped from a distance it now watches and waits

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